Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Securing the Foothold

Offensive Force - 1,500 POINTS
VS Concord

With their own expeditions rich in scraps and traces of Builder technology, and their own Transmat hub system established and protected, the long-range scouts of the Varda Ipsimus received reports of the hated Concord military establishing a similar transportation network in a nearby valley.

Taking the field for the first time themselves, the NuHu brother-sister melded pair chose to led an all out attack on the installation, preventing the Concord from establishing a safe network to transfer further reinforcements planetside.


After a few weeks’ interruption in regular play thanks to the dreaded “Real life”, PlayNWin was finally able to make it out for a game with me. We agreed to 1500 pts, with him building an x-launcher and X-howitzer heavy list and me running the melded NuHu pair for the first time.

We agreed to try the Ep 2 official mission, with him taking preference as defender due to his heavily static build.



The Concord military forces established a nearly unbroken line of kinetic barriers surrounding their unfinished Transmat station, deploying a defensive line of Strike Squad troopers around a core of three X-Launcher teams and one X-Howitzer. Outside the defensive perimeter, he deployed a C3M4 plasma cannon combat drone with a pair of spotter drones and a pair of batter drones.


Turn I:

Choosing the units with the lowest command value and, taking into account the mission rule that brings attacking units back endlessly, Freeborn command favored using their seven dice on mostly expendable low point units, storming the field and taking the opportunity to fire a Domari squad’s mag guns through the narrow gap in the C3M4 drone’s shields.

The Massively Armored behemoth withstood fire from multiple feral Meat Puppet squads and Domari, only suffering a pair of pins for all the massed fire, but losing both Batter Drones to lucky hits.

The Concord defensive line took up a series of no fewer than seven ambush orders as the overhead firing mag launchers began raining Net ammo from the sky, missing several shots but distributing a handful of pins across the attackers.

As Freeborn Misgenic Rejects and ferals took the field, they stuck behind dense cover and LOS blocking hills, avoiding the Ambush orders to the best of their ability as a Light Mag Support unit peppered the M4 drone, inflicting another pin.


Turn II:

At this point the both Superior Shard and Block came into play as the C3 were left down one order die, and Freeborn were able to seize first activation for the turn.

The Freeborn NuHu Renegade Meld took the field, their IMtel staves casting out lances of nano-probes that assaulted the M4 drone’s delicate systems, inflicting several more pins and making the C3 realize how vulnerable the vehicle was to the wrath of the NuHu, moving it behind a hill to block LOS from further attacks from the MOD2 NuHu, who followed up by sprinting across the open field to the hill the drone had been holding, now ready to move into attack position on the central camp.

Freeborn SkyRaiders swooped in from a flanking edge to take shots at the wounded Drone, only succeeding in adding one more pin before the C3 responded, striking out with a sprinting assault from a strike squad at the Skyraiders who had flown too close. Even with point blank shooting, the three riders were no match for the Concord squad, who consolidated onto a nearby hill.

A Light Mag Support squad flanked from the opposite table edge, taking shots at the C3 defensive perimeter, and a similarly positioned Strike Squad sprinted to assault them, wiping them out in close combat after taking a few casualties as the rest of the Freeborn moved closer, keeping out of LOS as well as possible.

After two turns, the central Transmat portal had built up 6 of the needed 20 build points for defender victory.


Turn III:

The Vardosi quickly seized on the overextended Strike Squads, Vardanari plasma rifles tearing apart the fleeing assaulters in the open as their hyperlight armor failed to harden in time. On the opposite flank, Misgenic Rejects charged headlong into the Strike Squad that had cleared out the Light Mag Support, tearing into them with claw and tooth in a brutal melee that lasted for three rounds, seeing the Rejects eventually slain to a mutant, but leaving the Strike Squad so beaten than a single round of fire saw them break and flee.

The Freeborn NuHu meld crested the hill, gaining LOS on the wounded M4 drone and opening up their IMtel blasts on it, inflicting a whopping six pins, damaging its weapon systems and removing one of its order dice, while forcing it to go Down with the single remaining die.

As they exposed themselves, the C3 X-Howitzer took the opportunity to fire a more accurate net shot at them, pinning them six times but triggering a firefight that saw the Howitzer itself annihilated by a wave of destruction manifest in the nanosphere by the enraged NuHu.

Follow up fire from several X-Launchers saw the NuHu Meld pinned nine times, hitting their command value and removing them from the field.

Chemically enraged at the loss of their master, the Feral meat puppets charged two corners of the Concord defensive line, overcoming a pair of Strike Squads in close combat thanks to their superior numbers and breaking the central encampment wide open.

The Freeborn X-Launcher finally took the field, raining a net shot on the downed M4 drone and pinning it into oblivion in the same manner that the NuHu had been.

At this point, the dice were gathered, and the Freeborn had 14 dice in the bag to the Concord player’s 7, triggering the Overwhelmed condition and winning the game for the Freeborn


Swift, decisive attacks and avoiding enemy targetting solutions enabled the Freeborn force to move close enough to launch lightning strikes on key Concord positions, breaking them from their stubborn defensive line and leaving their transmat station vulnerable.

Capitalizing on this opening, the Vardosi planted high yield charges on the half-built framework and let loose a howl of elation at the pleasure of their NuHu masters as they watched the hub detonate violently, denying the hated Concord the opportunity to reinforce. Their landed forces were stuck planetside, now, and Ipsimus was all too eager to hunt them down and finish claiming Xilos as their own.


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