Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Purge of the Corrupted

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord
Purge of Corruption!

Scenario – Custom
We have received heart wrenching IMtel that yet another Squad for brothers have fatal IMtel corruption since landing on Xilos. Despite personal feelings order are orders and they must be purged!
4 order dice to 4 order dice.

TURN 1: The only honorable way to dispatch fellow brothers are to match their might man to man! Equal ground makes for a good death! We drop in the local LZ and we are spotted immediately. We know the fighting will be brutal and intense resulting in heavy losses but we must put them down. Corruption can not be tolerated!

TURN 2: Both forces are advancing quickly but taking full advantage of every corner of cover available Cover to impede LOS and cause the fighting to take place much closer than comfortable! To win we must strike first! Our corrupted brother make a potentially fatal flaw and send an expeditionary team right out into the open. We pounce into action and they take solid losses initially. But we are now exposed and we have few options to prevent causalities.

Turn 3: We are both within prime range of each other and in turn a wild firefight erupts as a tidal wave of blood pour overs Xilos! This is truly a dark day. But we have the advantage and the clarity/ awareness of battle has heightened our senses! They are on the run!

Turn 4: With few places to hide we press forward trapping their leader in a gridlock of open firing lines! Seeing his fate flash before his courage and will were never broken and he makes a final but futile attempt to force his will be the C3 Spartan Legion will not be defeated! Our fallen brother were put down to man and we have cleansed the IMtel…. for now. A bitter sweet victory.


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