Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

We Can't Stop Here This Is Boromite Country

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Bit Cru Sharr
VS Boromite

During a mission to scout out enemy fortifications Commander Bit Cru Sharr’s Elite Scout Force found themselves in a spot of bother after triggering an enemy mine and damaging their scouting vehicle.

They immediately setup defensive positions while they waited for their vehicle’s self repair system to fix its damaged powerpack as they suspected nearby forces would be dispatched to investigate the ruckus they caused.

A few minutes passed before a small force of Boromites descended upon the stranded Algoryn and with their first strike caused significant casualties to the forces infiltrators. An intense firefight ensued and roughly half of the Algoryn were seriously injured or killed before they managed to repel the enemy, Bit Cru Sharr was seriously injured and only survived due to his comrades risking their lives to drag him to safety and administer emergency medical treatment. The enemy Commander RAAM was also wounded as he attempted to sabotage the repairs to buy time for backup

Bit Cru Sharr

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