Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Slaughter at Dig Site #084

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Old Longy
VS Ghar Outcast Rebels
Reese (Ghar), James (Isorian), Mark (Isorian), Dave (Freeborn)

Sari checked the aerial survey logs. Several relics scattered amongst various ruins in the middle of dense jungle. She ordered Squad Xenac to advance. Janar had taken the main forces elsewhere and, given Sari and her Squad’s exemplary performance so far, had assigned her command and control of the Relic recovery force.

Three relics had been identified for immediate securing, based solely on their proximity to Sari’s current location. Squads Xenac and Xaltu would secure the outer 2, and the main AI forces would advance between and secure the centre one. From there Sari would plan the Evac of the relics and whether it was feasible to push on others.

Squad Xaltu reported the presence of several other factions, and it seemed that Rebel Ghar were in the area looking for revenge on anyone they could lay their hands on. Sari guessed that Fartok had found himself a new battlesuit, subconsciously checking her supply of Solar grenades…



This was a 5 way battle consisting of 4 750pt Explorer factions and a 1500pt Rebel Ghar force. Rather than effectively writing the report twice, I recorded a photo of every dice activation and annotated the photo afterwards.

We ran short of time and had the cut the battle short at 2 turns. However, it was more than evident at that point that the game had become almost unwinnable anyways; the Explorers had inflicted damage on each other before the Ghar had even arrived, and had not properly prepared for assault forces coming on the board from behind them. The 3 Ghar Assault Suit squads did massive amounts of damage and the Ghar had amasses at least 6 VPs. The Explorers in comparison had only retrieved 2 relics from the board (Myself and Dave, 1 relic each) and the ones left on the board were held by soon-to-break squads surrounded by Ghar.

Mistakes made from the explorers in my opinion:

1) Shooting each other

2) Staying too close to board edges

3) No setting up any ambushes

4) Me putting mines on relics instead of using them to protect my board edge

5) Me taking Assault troops that never do anything (I like the models though!)

Anyways, enjoy the pictorial report and the conclusion!


Sari had waited 2 hours. Not a single other squad had made the rendezvous.
She ordered a squad member to remain with the relic and took the rest back to the ruins. What met her was a scene of utter devastation. The dead were everywhere. Of more concern were the missing bodies. Had the Ghar taken prisoners?
No time to contemplate. Sari needed to advise Genera Janar and accept punishment for her failure.

Ghar Outcast Rebels
Reese (Ghar), James (Isorian), Mark (Isorian), Dave (Freeborn)

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  • Flux Flos says:

    Nice scenery keep up the good work

  • Hey Yella says:

    Great pictures and labeling! This really looked like a fun game to be involved in!

  • horuspex says:

    great pictures and captions

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    That was a very gory episode, but perhaps the best of the entire campaign!

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    An amazing amount of excellent photographs, but again, the wrong factions win.

  • TSAN KIRI says:

    Sorry buddy it rated as no stars when I ment to give it full stars. The stars just would not work for some reason. Very good report with lots of pictures just like a storybook buddy. Great battle and a great report top marks

  • Karyle says:

    WOW That’s a lot of nice pictures, and even all labeled up! Those dirty Dark El… I mean, Freeborn, though. 😛

    Nice report, looks like it was a really fun time!