Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Freeborn Polar Stronghold

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VS Concord

Their smaller outpost overrun, the Freeborn have consolidated to a more hardened base camp from which to launch further expeditions.

Noting the polar gap in Ghar defense network, the Concord launched a scout force to probe Freeborn defenses.

One of their four drop pods were annihilated by Freeborn anti-air fire, with one of their pods landing on the table, forcing the Vardanari to redeploy to the upper landing platform and take a Down order.

After landing, the Concord began assaulting the ascent to the main platform, engaging with a prolonged firefight (Lots of successful Res rolls on both sides) but finally succumbing to combined plasma carbine and mag light support fire.

A Domari squad took up position in a nearby hilly area, only to have a C3 strike squad advance from the edge and knock their leader off the board (Bad rolls) starting to lay pins on the unit, who was eventually forced down to keep casualties to a minimum. The Domari succumbed a turn later as the C3 advanced out of cover, but a second Domari squad immediately advanced from the edge, catching the strike squad in the open and cutting them down with two rounds of concentrated mag gun fire.

With only a single combat drone left, the Concord army broke, and the Freeborn celebrated the defense of their newly constructed landing platform.


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