Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Lancing Gold

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire
Ryan Kriete

Scenario – Custom “City in Ruins 2” sector 4DR1.
Alert Alert Alert! IMtel Recieved.
Ghar Reinforcements detected.
We must Engage all hostiles with extreme prejustice!
4 order dice to 5 of their order dice.

TURN 1: Ghar Battlesuits Reach the edge of the Ruin city. Danger is in the air and they are out for no less than absolute vengeance! With a furious rage they charged at us with reckless abandon! Do to their lumbering size they are easy to spot and an even easier target. Downside, their Armor is thicker than most threats in the system. Taking them head is never a good idea. Tactical advice. Force them into a “double envelopment” and focus all your fire power at them!

TURN 2: For how large the Battlesuits are they can run extreme
Distances. But thankfully both their plasma amps burnt out after the first turn. But… We ran into a small hitch in our “perfect plan” a distort was drawn early on and it force our support drones to go down. But at least…. For now your lance troops are still alive and out scheme is not lost! The assault squad runs at us but the miss their distance for a successful charge. We must act now to pin them down! It is our only hope! Concentrated fire orders and Lance shots do the trick of pinning a Battlesuit and forcing a break test. They fail and are now down!

Turn 3: We failed to rally our Support drone. But luckily the Assault Squad attacks them instead of our manned forces. Which we take as an absolute blessing. Yes we loose hard hitting units but to the legion.. All human life is precious. “Except for Ghar” we hate Ghar! Lol

Turn 4: The first Battlesuit squad fails to remove their down order. So we turn our weapons fully towards the ravenous assault squad but we must be quick and not allow them to get to close for they are absolutely destructive at close range. However we leave a single tactical unit as over watch and maintain fire on the downed squad.

Turn 5: We are successful in pinning the assault squad but nothing worthy of a break test. However the downed suits take a single successful hit against a lance shot and a Battlesuit fails their resistance test and we are finally Chipping away at them! With 4 pins and only 2 suits left they are forced to take a break test and boom! They fail on a 10!

Turn 6: The assault squad fails to remove their down order and now only down to one pin. We converge with absolute determination and throw everything at them! Our lance units are work their weight in gold!
SV 4 in a strike squad is absolutely invaluable! 2 assault units are destroyed and we break them under our might and for the glory of the IMtel!


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