Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Transmat: Grogs Detonation

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord

Following further incursions by the Concord, a site designated as G24 by the Ghar (otherwise known as Gona) saw the inital construction of a Transmat Station. Karg understood perfectly well what the purpose of these stations were and ordered Grog to command a force to eliminate all forces around the Transmat before it was completed. Meanwhile, Karg also contacted Commander Chorc, commander of a fearsome command crawler to support Grog and to report on any suspicious activity regarding Grog.

The battle commenced with Grog and Chorc arriving from opposing flanks and shooting through gaps in the Concords hastily erected defence line with a relentless advance. In the early moments when the Concord returned fire, Grogs armour exploded unexpectedly. Grog himself pulled the emergency eject in time and was catapulted from his armour as the reactor went critical (Critical critical, not the normal critical that the reactor ordinarily runs at). Grog ran for cover and took refuge with a nearby outcast squad.

Meanwhile the slaughter continued, Grogs leaderless Battle Squad relentlessly advanced upon the Concord Position, trying desperately to keep pace with the Command Crawler, which was not only moving faster than they were, but was certainly slaughtering more Concord forces too! Desperate to keep command of the force and be responsible for its success (and not Chorc), Grog took command over the radio from his haven of outcasts, and using his curious skitters telemetry was able to effectively guide all remaining forces to victory. Grog too was in awe of the fearsome machine that Chorc commanded, and Grog was more than happy to jump on board should Chorc die at the wheel.

There was no heroic feats performed by the Concord Leaders, they kept their distance from the conflict, hurriedly trying to complete the station and call down reinforcements. The station was 75% complete before the Ghar had completely overrun the Concord. The Concord were once more caught off guard by the Ghars disruption technologies, which prevented units on multiple occasions from obeying their orders.

The attack was an overwhelming success for Grogs force, he had wiped out the entire Concord force, destroyed their Transmat Station and had lost a mere 2 Battlesuits in the conflict, unfortunately one was his own, which was clearly in a state of disrepair to start with. And once more the Outcast Disruptor Team hid in the bushes for the entire conflict, excellent work guys!

The question remains, why was Chorc commanded to report on Grogs activities? Will Grog be demoted or promoted? What fearsome machine, if any, will Grog command in future conflicts? And was Grog really up to no good?

Ghar Empire

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