Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Builder Relics: Grogs Herding

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord

Following the recent destruction of his battle armour, the lack of a viable replacement and recent incursions by Boromites and Concord, Grog has been given command of the Outcast Command unit, a position from which he can still command his forces. Having been closely following reports of Kargs own engagements, Grog has learned the skill of commanding from the rear, a skill that would have come in handy so much sooner.

Shortly after the recent conflict with the Concord which saw both his own suit and his enemies abomination destroyed, the Concord troops have begun unpredictable incursions into Ghar territories, frantically running off with worthless stones. These constant incursions are a threat to the Ghar Empires war machine on the planet an Grog was tasked with herding these troops away from Ghar fortifications if not fully eradicated. Following recent attacks the fortifications require, well, fortifying!

At the start of the conflict Grog rallied nearby Outcasts into charging recklessly at the enemy, oooh did that make him laugh, the poor gremlins were mowed down by enemy fire within seconds. Meanwhile, he advanced along side the Disruptor Cannon, making sure to take cover behind the Battle Armoured Troopers to ensure that little harm came to Grog himself. Meanwhile, Commander Chorc had been let off his leash and began yapping towards to enemy, ever more eager to get up close and kill some Concord humies.

As the battle progressed, the Concords own Flitters (not Skitters) found their way to Grogs Command Bunker (which way nothing more than a hedge and a wall of Armoured Troopers. Grog resisted the temptation for as long as possible, before giving into fate and began whipping each Flitter out of the sky. One at a time, oooh how he loved it! Meanwhile Chorc continued with the bloodbath, maintaining only enough of his sanity (if you can call it that) to keep away from the Plasma Cannons fury, only his shear armour could protect him from the firepower he attracted, nothing more.

The relentless fire from both units of Troopers and Chorcs Crawler fury almost completely locked down the enemy troops. The amount of distortion being thrown at the Concord slowly overwhelmed the strike squads, leaving only combat drones whom were incapable of completing the mission. It must be said however that Kamrana Josen of the Concord was successful in picking up a single piece of rubble before running away from the Ghar once more. The conflict concluded with Kamrana Josen still running away with a single piece of worthless rubble and the remainder of concord infantry destroyed. The enemies own drones fell back and the Ghars own casualties were that of the Outcasts and a couple of poor Ghar Troopers whose reactors failed them (BOOM!). Also, guess what? The Outcast Disruptor Cannon hid in the bushes, AND KILLED A TARGETER PROBE!

Another success for Commander Grog, who found there was fun to be had with whips, who’d have thought? One must wonder though, what madness has overcome Commander Chorc?

Ghar Empire

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