Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares


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VS Ghar Empire

After initially holding off some outcasts, Strike Force Blue 519 became over enthusiastic and searched for enemies that weren’t there (pulled a run of dice). The waste of effort was mitigated as several of the Ghar could not find the battlefield.

When a bomber squad arrived they set to work lobbing shots over the kinetic barrier. Meanwhile, battlesuits started arriving from the south. After some delay, Shaltok himself arrived and took out part of a kinetic barrier. This exposed a defending strike squad already weary from the attack. All the while, outcasts harried Blue 519.

With time running out, we checked how long it would take to complete construction of the transmat: two turns. We decided the Ghar would overwhelm the C3 in this time. I think I need more punch for C3 as the Ghar can be slowed but always just keep on coming.

Ghar Empire

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