Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Battle of the Bushes

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VS Freeborn

First turn was basic moving into position, From there it went to hell in a hand basket with Freeborn stacked bottom side of the table unleashing all firepower onto the poor little Algoryn squad hiding in the bushes, Although they did manage to make a few kills themselves the relentless bombardment of x-launchers and templates from 3 linked action “follow me” squads wore them down and by turn 4 they had reached their command value in pins and turned heels and ran. Now this was not before attempting to do the same to the opposing forces also hiding out in bushes, but their aim was always that 1 inch off.

As this little bombardment was commencing in the lower forests the Algoryn’s own x-launcher was struggling to find a target whilst yet again targets seemed to easily find them. Pins and Downs became the order of the day here and were mostly a saving grace due to the having to re-roll hits.

Meanwhile at the top end of the map the Algoryn squads had free run and moved up the flank as swiftly as the moves allowed.

Now before we get to far here, let me just state that freeborn had 6 squads and Algoryn had only 4, meaning the bag was loaded with dice not of my liking, this however stacked with the “follow me” command being issued was allowing the freeborn almost all 6 turns and to have all 6 moves before a single dice of the Algoryn was pulled from the bag.

This stacked dice method allowed many shots to be taken on squads not getting to move or return fire, and pins to stack by the bucket load, causing at least 1 squad to break, BUT ALAS its not all bad news, remember that top flank well the Algoryn army made excellent use of its space and ran into a position to whittle down 2 squads to their last men.

This meant that the Freeborn had a rather large area to cover before they were in range of a counter move, and alas the turns ran out before range was reached making for a drawn game with 6 miniatures killed of freeborn and 3 killed and 5 routed for Algoryn.

All in all a fantastic game with action on 2 fronts and great usage of terrain and cover from both Freeborn and Algoryn Army’s
Looking forward to our match to come with a points jump to 750 and the inclusion of skimmers.


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