Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Battle for the building.

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Freeborn

In this battle we made 750 point lists.


It all started with the table being sectioned off into 1 foot squared areas and labelled ready for deployment using a D4 and a D6 to determine which area on the 6×4 table we would land, D4 being top to bottom and D6 being left to right.

We placed half our total dice, 4 dice each in the bag (out of a total of 8 each) and once the dice were drawn we rolled the D4 and D6 together to work out where you would land. IE: 1-5 would be 1 foot up and 5 foot right

This went as you would expect, with a random scatter of people all over the place a few in decent areas others in places less effective.

From here we placed all remaining dice in the bag and had to roll against leadership before your unit was able to enter the battlefield, none of these was failed at all, but the drops in this second phase did however favour the Freeborn with a nice bunching of units close to objective, and others dropping behind support units enabling for a land and kill instantly. (enter sad face here )

Game went as I expected with freeborn overpowering my poor solo units that dropped surrounded, and flanking my units that were originally in good position. My skimmers were quickly dispatched, and freeborn skimmers made a mess of my units trying to make a dash for the objective building heading into last turns.

Freeborn won this battle with great luck on initial drops but overall great game play and decision making to flank, outmanoeuvre and control the objective from early in game.

Congratulations to Smott for a fantastic win!


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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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