Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Patience Paid Off

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Arwel Vidarr
VS Concord

A large force of Ghar where held up around the ruins we wanted to explore.. With our limited resources available we came to agreement with Superfletch and his Concord, also with a Algoryn commander who’s name escapes me. There were 7 objectives towards the center of the board in some sort of mystic formation.. They were all equally away from each other in a hex shape. My forces quickly advanced and grabbed 2 objectives.. Warily watching to my right flank at the Algoryns and across the field to the Concord my allies of convenience. A few days earlier the Concord commander Superfletch dealt me a crushing loss. The Ghar is was worried about quickly came out of know where behind me and behind the Concord.. Our alliance held and we concentrated our fire and was able to dispatch a few Ghar suits in each group.. And they both quickly ran away.. Much to our surprise(Horrible die rolls for morale.. 2 10’s.. Ghar squads picked up) The Algoryns were the first to break the alliance by firing at me.. I returned fire.. I was able to get 2 relics off the board.. And I sat and waited to see who was going to run off with theirs… Shooting at units to put pins.. Not kills.. At the end I was able to keep both the annoying Concord and the devious Algoryns to one relic each off board… The Ghar killed some of their units.. But none of mine.. Which is fine 😉

Arwel Vidarr

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