Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Reinforce the LZ

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

Ne’Jun had, through some skill and lots of luck, landed his bridgehead force without a shot fired. His luck soon turned when skyraider scouts reported that a Ghar force was moving into the area. Ne’jun had to secure a LZ for the Freeborn forces that still wait in orbit.

For this mission we played Reinforce the Position with both side entering the Table from turn one.

Net shells rain down on the approaching Ghar. The ungainly machines flinching and faltering amidst the fire. The Freeborn poured fire into the Ghar, but the rounds seemed to do no harm. A unit of skyraiders pushed up the flank hoping to pounce on unsuspecting battlesuits, but the Ghar where expecting such a move. The archaic weapons spun up and fire clawed out and the frantically maneuvering skyraiders catching one and killing him instantly. The remaining two darted back to the safety of a stone ruin. Their calls for aid where answered by the Xlauncher teams dropping a shell squarely on the BattleSuit unit the shaken Ghar retreating from the field.

Fire flashed back and forth across the valley. Both sides well protected and dug in. The battle slowly turns to the favor of the Freeborn as they accurately drop Net shells into the Ghar. The Assault squad tries to shrug off the effects of the Freeborn gunfire, but it was only the preamble. The Feral troops sprint out of the shelter of a boulder field. They shoot down a suit causing the squad to auto break. When the smoke clears only the hulking shape of the Ghar command vehicle scuttling off the field can be seen.


The first unit to die was a Ghar unit that rolled a “10” after taking 4 pins. They were un damaged the second unit I killed was down to one suit when it failed a Co test, and the final unit took 8 pins with the last one delivered by the Feral squad in point blank shooting.

I ended up loosing my skyraiders, and a Domari squad. I have used the Skyraiders several times now, and I just don’t think they stack up well against the Ghar. That is a shame as I think they may be the best models in the range. NET ROUNDS OMG. These things are my MVPs, with out them I would have struggled to do anything to the Ghar. I really enjoyed the Game and look forward to receiving my next order from warlord so I can field proper miniatures.


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