Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Assault of the Freeborn Horde

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VS Freeborn

6’x4′ play area, 1000 pts using Narrative Scenario 6 in the core rulebook. Victory condition is to hold the central four block structure at the end of turn six. All forces are in reserve, with half deploying via scatter grid anywhere on table on turn one, second half deploying the same way on turn two or beyond.


Turn I:

My opponent having an eleven dice to my seven, initial drop forces would number his six to my four. The Freeborn utilized the Superior Shard Army Option to reduce the Concord’s deployment options to three. Which is a critical initial blow.

Forced to drop first, the Freeborn pack of Misgenic Rejects suffers an early pin thanks to exhaustion, and another from a C3 Advance deployment.

Several lucky scatters and sheer weight of forces available helped my opponent quickly deploy several support teams, moving one into place in one of the buildings and moving the second into cover in the jungle, while a Freeborn X-Launcher team landed close enough to the central structure to Advance into a defensive position and immediately pin my C3 Light Plasma Support drone team with a suspensor net shot.

Two squads of Meat Puppets (ferals) landed, with one able to occupy another structure while another takes position near the board edge, only to be flanked by my C3D1 squad that inflicted a much needed pair of casualties.


Turn II:

All dice go into the bag, 11 to 7. The first die drawn is Concord, but the Freeborn player plays his Block Army Option and draws one of his own dice. Which again makes out maneuvering his forces that much more difficult.

The Meat Puppets (ferals) who suffered casualties pass their order test thanks to Soma Grafts and sprint into yet another corner structure, followed by a Mag Light Support team that took up firing position along with them.

This fortification is strengthened even further as the Vardanari squad drops and sprints deftly into yet another corner of the structure to take up positions.

My first C3 Strike Squad fails their Command test to enter the field, and remain in reserve for another turn making it even harder to create an effective offensive.

Striking back at the C3D1s, a squad of Domari enter the table and lay in mag gun fire, knocking out two shield drones before landing a solid hit on a D1 and bringing it to the ground.

It doesn’t take long for the C3 to rally and begin laying pins on the Domari, though, and they are quickly surrounded. Sky-Raiders come to the rescue, intercepting an incoming Strike Squad and killing three Strike Troopers with strafing runs of mag slugs.

The second Domari squad enters the table on the opposite edge, taking up a position in a secondary building where they’d stay for the duration of the engagement.

My previously netted C3D1 fails its Command check and goes Down, another grueling failure and then the Freeborn X-Launcher nets it again, only landing one more pin but keeping the Drones in check. At the end of the turn, this Pin helped to ensure a failed Recovery order, leaving my squadron Down for another turn.


Turn III:

With the first draw going to my Concord, the Insufferable Freeborn play their second copy of Block, returning it to the bag and drawing their own die to start the round.

The first draws see the Sky-Raiders Advance to finish off the C3 squad they’d been hammering, and an entrenched Mag Light Support finishing off the last of a C3D1 squadron. A Domari squad activates, firing at another, full strength C3D1 squadron, but both of their shots are intercepted by my ever valiant Shield Drones.

My C3 Strike Squad previously stuck in reserve succeeds in deploying, landing just outside the main structure, and setting off the Ambush of a nearby Meat Puppet squad, who inflicts a single wound but kills my Strike Leader, his Hyperlight armor totally unprepared for the point blank shot.

Leaderless but unbroken, my brave C3 squad inflicted dire casualties on the exposed Sky Raider squadron, killing all but their leader!

Across the table, an untouched Strike Squad, trying to avoid Ambush from the central structure, attempted to flank the Domari in the secondary building, inflicting a pin, but also moving into position for the Domari Spotter Drone to patch LOS to the nearby X-Launcher team, who promptly fired on them with a suspensor net, inflicting three pins.


Turn IV:

Immediately, the pins accumulated in the game began to strike hard. The remaining Skyraider, a C3D1 squadron, and a strike squad all failed Command tests, going down to wait out the turn.

Catching them flat-footed, some Domari wipe out one of my damaged C3 squad while two Meat Puppet squads in the central building open fire on the Strike Squad who cut down the Sky Raiders. Their combined fire inflict enough pins to kill one trooper and force the rest Down but not out.

The cowering troopers aren’t left alone long as the Misgenic Rejects spot their quarry, sprinting exactly the distance required to assault, and striking first in each phase. The telepathically amplified shrieking of the beasts fell one trooper immediately, clawing at his own helmet in an attempt to not drown in his own blood as his brothers cut down one of the beasts.

Their efforts are not enough as the monstrosities use their nano-steel enhanced talons to peel the trooper’s hyperlight suits from their bodies just as they peel their flesh from their bones, howling victory at the cruel NuHu masters that controlled the feverish visions pumping through their Soma Grafts.

Not wanting to break cover and trigger multiple Ambush orders, my single untouched C3 Strike Squad took an Extreme Range shot at a Domari squad, killing a single soldier and prompting a string of profanities from her commander. Glorious Sniping!


Turn V:

The battle raged around the central structure, several entrenched Freeborn units holding their ground firmly as Domari squads skirmished in the open, preventing my forces from closing the distance and inflicting pins or casualties where needed.

As the turn came to a close the outcome of the game became clear.


Turn VI:

My forces inflicted a final few casualties, mopping up a badly wounded Domari squad and finishing the last Sky-Raider, but the bulk of Freeborn forces were comfortably entrenched, waiting out the end of the turn with Down orders like cowards and ensuring victory.


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