Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Jungle Skirimish

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Freeborn

Scenario – Custom
We have received disturbing IMtel reports that freeborn have been spotted in the local area. “ORDERS” intercept and purge.
6 order dice to 6 order dice.

TURN 1: The freeborn slavers have been spotted and we move in behind cover and send out an squad of intercepters to attempt to blitz in and catch them off guard. We have drastically underestimated their readiness. Our Interceptors were swiftly destroyed and creates a more, much needed defensive strategy!

TURN 2: With the element of surprise ripped away we withdraw to cover to hopefully draw them into our firing lanes. With no avail they are fully aware of our firepower and Lob speckled blind fire from micro X-launchers like cowards to attempt to twindle our numbers.

Turn 3: We set up into ideal defensive positions and set up a field wide series of ambushes hoping the frustrated freeborn peak into our kill zones. They are slightly more clever than we anticipated. They dash into some of the most convoluted positions that make our ambushes utterly useless but out hyper light armor is our saving grace from scattered and frankly inaccurate shooting!

Turn 4: We are weeding out corrupted fows like infected crop!
We force our enemy out of Transmat and through reactions his units go down to survive! Time for my forces to speed across the field and decisively take our Transmat back once and for all!

Turn 5: The time for playing it safe is at an end! We must avenge our fallen brothers! We dash into action and take advantage of a few keys mistakes made by subpar “squads” and obliterated one of their squads.
The initial score is now settled.

Turn 6: The freeborn frenzy into action but our highly trained soldiers intelligently hit the deck to prevent key losses and thankfully avoid losing anymore men but due to our need for defensive precautions we have minimal impact. Thusly we end this battle with a draw! But Victory will come very soon! Pics coming.


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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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