Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

scout engagement western perimeter.

View Linked Report - Click Here Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Isorian

Command reported unknown enemy movements in the western perimeter. Office Tan-Zar assembled his reinforced scouting force and moved to engage the enemy threat. With in moments of reaching the perimeter the scout drones picked up enemy movements. Tan-Zar advanced his forces forward ,the dense jungle making movement and visibility a difficult task.
When the ambush was sprung Tan-Zar cursed himself for overextending his units. Within seconds the Isorians opening fire, Tan-Zar’s advanced unit was brought down. Five men that had served with distinction in multiple campaigns were murdered by the honor less Isorian ambushers.
Tan-Zar wasted no time on grief, a time for mourning would come, but now he would focus on the task at hand and make the Isorians pay for the deaths of his troops. Ordering the Xlauncher to advance and provide covering fire, Tan-Zar did the same pinning down the nearest enemy squad. Gzar’s AI squad also advanced and killed 3 of the Isorians that were pinned down.
The Isorians return fire and caused some minor injury’s to Gzar’s squad. But the blood and thoughts of revenge fueled the Algoryns actions. Tan-Zar ordered the Xlauncher to fire again decimating the nearest Isorian squad. Taking advantage of the destruction Tan-Zar and Gzar’s squads advance into the Isorians killing their second squad to the man. At this time the Isorian command element disengaged from battle.
A victory but a very bitter costly one.


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