Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Loss of Transmat Station 2/7

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VS Isorian

When the Isorians attacked it was quick, precise and deadly. Very deadly.
Transmat station was guarded by several AI squads, along with a Mag support and x-launcher. Basically the squads were to keep the Transmat station clear of the Xilos critters that plagued the planet. A constant operation, that kept the AI squads busy.
The Isorian attack came as a scout patrol of Intruders and Targeter probes were making their afternoon loop through the stinking thick vegetation that is Xilos. A Phase sniper opened up on the Intruder bikes, killing one in the opening salvo. The next two bikers died before they could even react to their squad mates death.
The death of the Intruders marked the beginning of the Isorian advance. From out of the thick vegetation they appeared like specters in old ghost stories. As the AI squads were forming up in their firing lines, the jungle itself erupted and a “drummer” class creature charged into the squads. Although easily put down, the time invested to killing the creature was costly. The Isorians were in position and were able to silence the Mag support before it could get a decent firing solution. As the Algoryns returned fire ill fate struck again and a Gulper burst into their ranks killing several troopers and the commander before it could be fended off. Again making the Algoryn redirect their fire from what was to be the true threat. Now the Isorians surged forward killing one of the crew of the X-lanucher and causing his squad mate to flee. Now the trap was truly sprung as several more members of AI squads were murdered. Seeing the situation was all together hopeless, the remaining squad commander called for a retreat.
The Isorians may have taken Transmat Station 2/7, but the Algoryns would return and recover the vital artery to their ships in orbit above Xilos.


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  • Hey Yella says:

    I have to say I really like the large rock face terrain piece you have. It makes such a nice backdrop to your pictures. My favorite picture has to be the one with the gulper coming out of it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Same story for the Algoryns! Gulpers…disgusting beasts. Isorians probably taste better.

  • Karyle says:

    Really cool table set up. Need to try to make some green scenery for myself, soon.

  • Togrul_Aybak says:

    A dark day for the Algoryns. Here’s hoping for a win for you in your next battle.