Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Defence of South Gate

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Isorian

Tan-Zars comm’s link chirped. It was Gzar’s ident code. That could mean only one thing; Gzar’s patrol had come across the Isorian strike force. That would mean that Tan-Zars position at the South Gate would be attacked soon. Tan-Zar alerted his forward units. The main entrance to the South Gate was protected by Tonetahn and his grizzled unit of assault troopers. Looking to gain some payback, Tonetahn’s assault unit advanced forward under cover of the lust jungle foliage. Powering down all but the most essential of equipment. Hard lessons learned from previous engagements with the Isorians over the past few days. It would seem that somehow the Isorians were able to easily detect the Algoryn equipment and energy signatures. Tonetahn was confident of his position for he knew his right flank was covered by Bela-Rahn and her unit of Infiltrators. As always she would be in a position that favored her fighting style. Cloaked from all but the most sophisticated equipment, her unit lay in ambush. The stage set, all that was need was for the Isorians to advance into the trap.
Soon the jungle noises changed, as beasts of all shapes and sizes scurried away from the Isorian advance. Another lesson the Algoryn had learned from the unforgiving jungles of Xilos, was how to avoid some of the more deadly creatures. Slowly but surely the Isorians advanced.
When the signal was given Tan-Zar had his reserve unit of Intruder bikes sweep from the cave/gate entrance to flank the advancing Isorian units on the right flank. Taking advantage of the distraction Tonetahn and his assault troops burst from cover and assaulted the center line of the Isorian advance. Even thorough a hail of fire from the Isorians the assault unit managed to make it to close quarters where their training and equipment paid off. Tonetahn’s assault killed their enemies to the man. But before the Algoryn troops could make it back to cover the Isorians opened fire killing several members of the victorious assault unit.
On the right flank Calfahn and his Intruder bikes pinned down the advancing enemy troops on the right flank. Bela-Rahn’s Infiltrators took advantage of the pinned down Isorians and added their firepower to suppress them. Within moments the The Isorians right flank was destroyed.
Tan-Zar and his command squad worked up the middle in support of Tonetahn’s quickly dwindling assault squad. Tan-Zar managed to drive off the remainder of the Isorian attack force, but Tonetahn’s assault squad had taken the brunt of the fighting and may wounded if not dead troopers would need tending to. Casfahn the medic would be busy this day.
As a mopping up action Tan-Zar had Bela-Rahn’s infiltrator’s silence the not yet dead Isorians, and Calfahn’s Intruders to harry the broken elements of the now retreating force. Tan-Zar knew this would not be the last attempt the Isorians make on his position. It was time to request some heavier weapons and more troops.


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