Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Unforeseen aggressors

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VS Boromite

This battle was going to be a 750 game, but Dave realised he had taken his rock riders out of his box, So I dropped an equivalent amount of points and the game ended up being 605ish but using the 750 organisation chart, I don’t think it caused much issues either way however.
We played matched scenario 3 “an unexpected encounter” (which obviously begged the question if it was so unexpected how comes my guys had preset a minefield in the area, but oh well) which we decided to do after watching a game on the next table with this weeks official mission defending the transmat construction and deciding it would be a hard slog in our smaller points game.


“Damn it”, Commander Ta’rack cursed again, his force had been reassigned from its defense of the trans mat construction site to investigate an archaeological dig set up by the servile class scientists in his division. He was a soldier and didn’t understand or much care for their pursuits, but as far as he could tell they had been very interested in some ruins sited near the safe zone perimeter, supposedly builder in origin and promising significant discoveries. However to him it was just a near pointless weakening of the Algoryn positions, assigning his command away from the action to babysit the servile class, wasn’t it clear they would defeat the Ghar in this war and then have as long as they wanted to plumb the secrets of the planet after it was secured?
His comms officer approached with a customarily crisp salute “Sir, comm traffic from the site has been cut dead. Last reports were fragmented but suggested something attacking the servile caste and their escort”.
Ta’rack let out a sigh, “very well lieutenant, pass the order to double time, Infiltrators to run point and I’ll proceed just behind to appraise the situation”.
“very good sir” the Lieutenant heading off, quickly and competently relaying orders and organising fire teams.

A few minutes later Ta’rack’s combat shard made contact with a shard identifying as the 42nd science guard, this almost instantaneously flashed up pertinent combat information, the defenders had been reduced to a single X-mortar team on the periphery of the dig site, they had no direct combat footage to upload but the fragmented reports indicated attacks from beneath the ground. He had received primers on local fauna so far encountered and expected the involvement of Gulpers and maybe snappers, he ordered his infiltrators to proceed cautiously, and to deploy solar charges in some open ground in front of an armoured building, which he decided would work as a HQ to direct his arriving troopers from. Using his combat shards connection to advise the x-mortar team to meet him there.

As he proceeded to rendezvous with the defense force survivors, he received a comms burst from the infiltrator sergeant, they had come across several Algoryn corpses, a combination of biting lacerations and scorch wounds were apparent, as he pondered what this new information meant a cry went up from across the ruins.
“This is our claim. under clan Arran law, we have the proper permits and leases. Leave or share the fate of these other interlopers”. The voice clearly identified the other party as Boromites (nothing more than scavengers and borderline thieves in his opinion), he doubted the validity of any mining contracts they might have on this secret and newly discovered world. Besides which he couldn’t allow the murder of Algoryns by these savages to be unanswered, therefore he quickly ordered infiltrator squad Narrek to advance and look for opportunities to engage if effective, or retreat if confronted by an indefeasibly large force. He did not lower himself to answer the Boromite call, instead charged his carbines pulse chamber ready for battle.


Sergeant Narrek Led her Infiltrators forwards silently heading towards one of the more intact looking buildings in the area, they head the distinct sound of an X-launcher opening fire and was only slightly surprised to see it arc from the other side of the ‘builder’ site, so the Boromites had opened fire. Before the shell had even reached its zenith their was another x-launcher blast, this time from her own lines, apparently the Algoryn crew had plotted their firing solution based on the enemy shots trajectory. As she rounded a corner she was just in time to see a blast of ‘net’ ammunition impact a Boromite work gang, the suspensor fields projected from the shell, only visible on her visor thanks to the combat shards interface, ensnared them and seemed to hinder them greatly. She smiled and directed her squad to direct their mag repeaters at the same target, whilst she attempted a long range shot from her x-sling and being pretty gratified to have hit accurately at the distance.
Her joy was proved premature however as just after a pair of Boromites riding large rock creatures came into visual range, flanked by probes fitted with plasma rifles and immediately opened fire on her position, she felt fortunate that most of the fusillade had missed her or grazed off her armour until she turned to see 3 of her squad had been killed, to make matter much worse she saw an onrushing tide of small rock creatures bearing straight towards them with unbelievable alacrity, as they neared she and her remaining team member prepared to open fire close range but before they could fire the little creatures unleashed a hale of white hot spit towards them, burning her companion to practically nothing, she managed to hit with an explosive launched from her x-sling but it had negligible effect and she braced herself against the tide, fighting bravely but quickly overwhelmed by numbers and sheer ferocity.

Commander Ta’rack was overseeing the deployment of his forces who had been trailing, but witnessed infiltration squad Narrek being hammered by enemy fire and then devoured by the Boromite’s combat pets. He cursed silently, they were veterans and would be very hard to replace. His AI and assault squads advanced and lay fire into Boromte targets but had very little effect, damn these Boromites were proving tough, and well disciplined too. He saw why soon after, they were being led by their guildess Arran Gestalin. He and his squad managed to draw a clear shot between some areas of ruins and manage to force her and her bodyguard to go down under a torrent of fire, co-coordinating with the nearby x-launcher team.
He saw the small mite creatures re-emerge from the building where they had devoured the infiltrators and proceed to run into the depleted AI squad, with some degree of pride he watched them react quickly pouring fire at the bugs before they could get to spitting range, an overload shell from the squads micro x-launcher managing to take one down but the mag rounds pattered off their hides as harmlessly as rain. Quickly covering the ground the mites spat forth their flamey bile, killing all but one trooper who faced them bravely but ultimately ineffectively as they impacted his position and tore him to shreds, before scurrying off into the distance behind the Algoryn lines, Ta’rack had a very bad feeling about that.


Lieutenant Murrut, had led his assault troopers cautiously forward whilst laying down a suppressing cover fire with their mag repeaters, his troopers were more used to jungle combat with much smaller lanes of fire and more cover but he felt they were holding up well. He had witnessed the devastation caused by some Boromite lavamites, and the enemy clans guildess had come up very close to the Algoryn lines in their wake.
Just then a weight of enfilading fire from the left flank burst into her and her accompanying Boromite gangers, forcing the group to hit the ground. Murrut was even more surprised when the normally stoic Boromites refused to heed any orders to regain their footing and the whole lot of them stayed down. He prepared to lead his men into a close quarters engagement in an attempt to cut the head off the Boromite clan, at this point his assistant artificial intelligence blared a warning, incoming overhead projectile. His men hit the ground hard and he realised that they were being suppressed with ‘net’ ammo.
After the effects of the net ammo wore away Murrut saw that the guildess was still down on the floor, whilst the work gang were regaining their footing, another projected screeched by overhead but its suppressor nets missed his men by a significant margin, he seized the initiative and led his troops in a charge, an initial salvo of mag reapeater fire wounded the guildess and destroyed her companion and drones, her return fire blasted plasma bolts through one of his men, sadly a newer recruit to the unit. Between the 6 survivors using their distort spinners on plasma bolt setting they managed to punch through the Boromite clan leaders defenses, leaving her for dead they consolidated into the cover of the ruins, the only nearby enemies being 2 gang workers Murrut felt reasonably safe…

… However one of the gang workers started laughing, almost maniacally, as he hefted a weighty looking device from his belt flipping the switch and rolling it forwards. Moments later it burst into a large sphere of distorted space and dug straight through the building in front of his men, he and several other managed to dodge aside but the ones unfortunate to be hit, well it was horrific, where the orb touched those parts of the Algoryn just ceased to be there, gone in a the blink of an eye. This was followed up with a few mag shots, but the damage was done and he was unable to stop his men breaking and becoming uncontrollably dispersed.


Ta’rack watched as a shimmering orb of destruction passed through several walls in front of him, and presumably the assault squad that was sheltering there, with the majority of his force either devoured or dispersed he had no choice but to issue a general retreat to everyone who was able to receive it, falling back to the preset rally point he lamented the folly of this whole operation, such a waste of sorely needed military strength for nothing more than some scientists whimsical curiosities, this he felt exemplified the reason why his civilization was dominated by the militaristic castes of society.


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