Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Clash at the Tunnel Entrance

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

A month has gone by since arriving in orbit around Xilos. My squad of Algoryn AI had travelled there with the Concord, an agreement with General Tar Es Janar and Commander Kamrana Josen made this arrangement necessary. Wanting to destroy the Ghar on Xilos was the desire for every Algoryn. Battles had raged on the planet below with varying success and loss for weeks. My squad had not been chosen to fight there, while others were gaining hard fought glory. Waiting for Algoryn teams to be assigned had become monotonous. Reading about the battles allowed time for congratulations and comments to other units, which apparently gave me promotions. Promotions attained for useless communications to victorious commanders other than my own? Humiliation enraged me. Getting to Xilos to destroy the Ghar was all I desired. If an assignment with my fellow Algoryn would not take place, then fighting alongside the Concord, a temporary ally, must suffice. Permission was given under the circumstances, to lead my squad and two Concord squads to explore the tunnels that had recently been found. Having not seen battle yet would hopefully, not be a problem.
Our squads arrived on Xilos, my own with six men, and two Concord squads of five each. My embarrassing promotions without battle gave my squad the lead. On the way to find the tunnel entrance, I told all squads to pay attention, don’t get lazy, be ready to….WHAM!
Waking from a daze, my men told me that the Ghar attacked at extreme range and hit three of my Algoryn squad, but we all were okay. While we were temporarily knocked unconscious, the Concord Blue Squad quickly returned fire making successful hits on the Ghar, enough to pin them down. A second Ghar squad fired at the second Concord squad, the Orange Squad, but thankfully failed to hit. The Concord squads and their light support drones fired back at the Ghar successfully and got many hits. The Ghar were so successfully hit that they were all pinned down and could not fire back a second time.
My squad finally got our composure back and started returning fire. We also hit the Ghar with many telling hits. The enemy was hit so badly that one suit was destroyed, while the others could not return our fire.
The situation only got better for our squads, while the Ghar situation deteriorated. More Ghar were destroyed one by one. We finally removed all signs of the enemy after destroying them all with no damage to our teams, except for the opening shots that knocked the three of my team down for a short time.
Access to the tunnels was certainly ours to take. Another journey into those tunnels would give us more information on the builders…or more enemy encounters…maybe both.
Note: Our first battle and very lacking in knowledge of the game. It took hours to complete this very basic game while digging into the starting rules and the rulebook. Lots of hits were made that will probably not happen again. Most probably many mistakes were made.
Zeppomarzimus appreciates the skill of the real gamers that have made this campaign most interesting and fun to follow.


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