Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

When Patrol's Clash...Blood Flows.

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Commander Deravin
VS Ghar Empire
Warlord Glukx

The war on Xilos has risen to such a critical state that dozens of C3 divisions and armies are being called to the front. The most recent of these reinforcements is the 267th Brown Scorpions Division, a force of C3 troopers unlike anything in the Concord Combined Command. They are unlike any other fighting force, for they bare a feral and ruthless mark on themselves that they glory in, and take great pride in their heritage. Unlike most C3 troops, Brown Scorpions paint their battle armour in decorations such as kill markings, Arrow’s and X’s that identify as either rank or distinguished service in battle, and also carry cereimonial White Scars on different parts of their armour that represent their participation in a brutal trial that soldiers in the 267th Division must take, called the Endurement. It’s a obstacle course unlike any other where each soldier must face the many dangers of their home world and survive the harsh wild. Those who make it out, are greatly revered.

The 267th has been called to Xilos, and has just made planet fall on the secured Landing Sites. Eager to join the fight, the Brown Scorpions prepare to engage Ghar hostiles ASAP. But early this evening, some troopers of the division got a little taste of the battles to come…and what to expect.
Earlier this evening at 18:00 Hours, a scouting force of 2 Strike Squads and a Command Squadron were making a routine patrol around their camp site. Ahead of the Command Squad, the Strike Squads advanced ahead to search for strange signals they were picking up and figured would be more than important to find and clear. They soon found out however, that a small Ghar scout force, made up of 1 Battle Squad and 1 Assault Squad, had hidden themselves for quite a while, awaiting to ambush the troops and catch them off guard. From out of tall alien grass that was common on Xilos, the Battle Squad showed themselves bravely and sent a terrible barrage on the Strike Squad on the far right flank, that took a grim casualty and hit the ground being pinned down for the time being. 2nd Strike Squad took cover and immediately retaliated with heavy fire on the Ghar but causing no casualties. As orders were being shouted on the comms and soldiers were yelling “hit!”, Platoon Commander Vernon instantly made haste to rush to the fight, calling in aid of a Weapon Drone that he knew would come in useful.

A vicious firefight went on for a few minutes of hell, but then to the horror of the 1st Strike Squad, still pinned, the Ghar Assualt Squad showed themselves and with a wicked speed rushed toward the human troops. Though feeling more than certain of death, the Squad responded with a firm volley of plasma and shook off their fear. A brutal melee took place, but amazingly the Squad, while losing 3 on their brothers, including their leader, took down 2 Ghar in revenge of the loss! Standing alone, the lone trooper of Squad, though faced with certain death, heroically stood his ground against the remaining Ghar…but wisely made a calculated fallback to his fellow squad mates who were now protecting his retreat with intense fire. By this time the assault took place, the Command Squad along with the Support Drone arrived and delivered a ruthless amount of firepower on the lone Ghar and took him out in a fell swoop.

Things were not looking good for the Ghar Battle Squad, as they were not being severally pinned from combined firepower of the Strike Squad and Support Drone. The only thing saving them however was their well timed Distortion bombardments that were locked on the Command Squad’s location, and prevented them from communicating to his troops. However this blessing would soon end. While successfully taking out the Support Drone through concentrated fire, the Ghar had a horrible time trying to bring themselves together and fight as a concentrated team. This led them down to their fall as Commander Vernon took control of his troops and with a great cry of savageness, something you would expect from a Mhagris, led his boys forward in a steady advancement of firepower that completely overwhelmed the remaining Ghar Battle Squad. With heavy losses and too pinned to fight back, the Ghar Commander fell back with a fighting retreat…little would be left however now that he has fled from battle…perhaps the Outcast might now have an ally.

With the site secured, though at the cost of around 4 lives, Vernon had his first taste of battle against these brutes…and was eager for more to come.

This battle was played with my brother and I, using the Battle for Xilos starter set. We used roughly around 500pts, but it is certainly not very exact. This battle was also on the fly which is why we weren’t very prepared! This was our first game and I’m pretty sure we missed A TON of rules lol. But what is most important is that we had fun and we hoped we did something to aid to the cause of this conflict! We hope to get more and get more heavy into the fight!
Both sides were very exciting and I love both of them. I feel that what is critical with the Ghar is that you have to be aggressive with them and not hold back on anything. I think my bro missed that…Concord are awesome and I love not only the army but also creating your own divisions and stories for who they are as a fighting force!

Commander Deravin

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