Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Scenario - Run Fartok Run!

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Ghar Empire
VS Concord

After our first game last week we decided to give the “Run Fartok Run!” scenario a try. Mainly to get the whole starter box on the table at once before moving on the breaking out the units from the blisters we bought after our first game.

As we were playing at my place and I chose the Ghar I prepared the table in advance according to the scenario and gave my opponent the opportunity to readjust the terrain if desired.

The Games started of with on Strike squad on either side of me and the drones to my right.
Turn 1 I managed to run Fartok up the middle into a solid piece of cover, Though he exhausted himself doing so. Also I had fired up the Plasma Amplifiers in both my Walker Squads and through combined fire I was able to wipe out the Strike Squad to my left, giving me a little breathing room. The Battle Squads Plasma Amplifiers burned out though

Turn two saw another Strike Squad coming in to my right. The Three units, although not killing anything on my side, managed to pin down my Assault Squad pretty hard. My Battle Squad simply ran up the middle to shield Fartok from my left side. As the last activation of the round the last Strike Squad came in to my left on my escaping table edge. Fortunately my opponent ran Through a wood placing the Squad in the open.

Turn 3 had me power up the Plasma Amplifiers on the Assault Squad and let my Battle Squad engage the Strike Squad to my left, wiping it out in a very fortunate Shooting attack. After that I ran Fartok to the left behind a solid piece of cover and into escape range on turn 4. My Assault Squad rallied, but got shot at and pinned down again for their 2nd Order Die. The battle Squad took a Pin. The Plasma Amplifiers on the Assault Squad held fast.

Turn 4 started with me drawing an Order Die and sprinting Fartok off the table, ending the game.

I have to admit that I had extremely lucky Resistance rolls with my Ghar, only getting 1 ten, which I rerolled thanks to leader thus leaving the table completely unscathed. With the amount of hits my opponent scored I should have lost far more Warriors.

Ghar Empire

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