Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Scenario Play - Episode 2 -Orbital Transmat

View Linked Report - Click Here Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord

After locating an enemy Transmat Terminal still under construction we launched a surprise attack on the Concord troops.
After our Tectorist Scouts found the enemy encampement, nearing it from the west, they alterted the rest of the Ghar army.
The first wave consisted of two Squads of Battle Armour (one Assault Squad and 1 Battle Squad) which attacked the enemy attacking from the south and east respectively. Also the disgusting outcasts managed to bring in a disruptor cannon from the south, seeking cover in a couple of ruins.
During this first round of fired shots not much happened.

Shortly thereafter our High Commander arrived from the east and a group of outcast attacked from the north, far away from the rest of the forces. They were good for nothing than drawing enemy fire and dying. Also a lucky shot destroyed the disruptor cannon from the southern crew and thus they were pretty useless, sitting in there cover, hunkering down or getting caught up in the distortions the explosion of their cannon created.

Also during the third phase of the battle we lost The Assault squad and the enemy killed every single tectorist, who had bravely run into the midst of the enemy encampement to block the concords movement. Also one of the strike squads came under heavy fire from our high commander, but refused to flee or die in great numbers. Our well trained warriors managed to get lucky shots on all of the three enemies carrying plasma lances, killing all of them.

In what we now consider the deciding fourth phase of the battle another squad group of tectorists arrived from the east again and our High Commander and Battle Squad, also down a Warrior, managed to breach the kinetic barriers and enter the enemy construction site. where they wiped out all three enemy strike squads. With the arrival of another Assault Squad we were able to overwhlem our enemies, halting the construction of the Transmat Erminal at 30%

Ghar Empire

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