Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ambush at the dropsite 18

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

The Algoryn dropped down into drop 18 rather nastily, loosing a unit in the process. The Ghar were defending the Generator with their disruptor cannon and stalled the Algoryn unit’s advance. On the other side of the building the AI Assault squad failed to make an impact coming under fire from the Ghar battle squad. Once the Algoryn Commander arrived however, the Algoryn were able to make an advance and destroy the disruptor cannon within it’s emplacement.

The AI Assault squad remained pinned throughout the battle and could not make it out from behind their crystal barricade. The Ghar commander and his battle squad swung about to engage the remaining Algoryn. At this critical point with the Algoryn under fire, the Ghars Assault squad appeared on the battlefield behind the Algoryn commander and assaulted them. Luckily for the Algoryn they were able to hit one of the Assault suits plasma reactors which also exploded one of his comrades reactors aswell, this miraculous chain of events sent them sprawling off the field. As the dust settled, the squad of Ghar outcasts who were trailing in their friends wake appeared on the scene. They then lay down a vicious volley with their lugger guns cutting the Algoryn commander and his troops down where they stood, hopefully regaining themselves some honour in the eyes of their comrades. The Algoryns push towards the generator failed, and their drop into Xilos began in complete disaster.

Ghar Empire

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