Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The construction of Orbital Transmat on Xilos

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

The Algoryn and their Concord allies had begun construction on an Orbital Transmat gate to be able to jump in some much needed reinforcements onto
Xilos safely. They had almost completed it when the Ghar launched their attack. A unit of Outcasts who were scouting ahead of the main force arrived first and began to make a move on the Transmat, they hid in some undergrowth coming under fire from the Concord troops and the AI Infiltrators. On the AI’s flank a unit of Ghar battle suits arrived and put immediate pressure on the closest Algoryn, killing a few troopers. Luckily the Algoryn commander in charge of the Transmat’s construction rushed to their aid and several units began to concentrate their fire onto the Ghar. Eventually enough fire managed to strike a Ghar plasma reactor knocking out two battle suits, the remaining soldier promptly retired from the field.

The Transmat’s construction was able to progress under the pressure even upon the arrival of a Disruptor cannon and some Ghar assault troopers. The allied forces were able to concentrate their fire enough to be able to dispatch both and eventually the Transmat was completed successfully with the remaining Ghar forces scattered.


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