Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ghar Battlesuits Dont Roll Enough 10's:A Rant/Narrative Battle Report

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

Definitely a bloody game today, with the Ghar being exterminated down to a unit of flitters and 2 battlesuits, from a starting roster of 6 suits, flitters, and a squad of outcasts packing a disruptor cannon, though still pulling off the win with a unit of flitters getting off the board edge at the last second to claim victory. I apologize for the shoddy picture quality, lighting at the club isnt the best 🙁
After his skirmish with another Isorian Shard, Commander Yen Xalos’ first instinct was to establish a base of operations, and to do so meant establishing a perimeter and keeping said perimeter tightly controlled. When sensors and surveillances probes detected a Ghar scout force near their security zone, immediate action had to be taken, and a force was sent to deal with the interlopers.

Turn 1: The Outcast squad move up behind a dense forest preparing to unleash their disruption cannon in the next turn, while 2 phase squads sent a volley of plasma blasts streaking into a Ghar Assault Squad, bringing one of the the mechanical behemoths down, giving the Senatex’s forces an advantage in the battle right out of the gate, while the Phase Sniper was unable to accomplish anything of note, her weapons discharges unable to find purchase in the solid armour plating of the battlesuits. a return volley of Scourer Cannon fire keeps the Phase Squads on their toes, but causes no real damage, while the ill-understood influence of Ghar Disruptor technology separated the Isorian force’s command squad from communication with their comrades.
Turn 2: The Disruptor Cannon entered the forest and brought its might to bear against a Phase Squad, blasting apart several soldiers and destroying their Spotter Drone, much to the irritation of the squad leader, though they would pay dearly for their transgression, as the Phase Sniper, incensed at the destruction of her comrades, brought her weapon around, and in a blistering display of firepower and marksmanship brought down fully half of the outcasts who scuttled around the fearsome disruptor cannon, throwing the horrid creatures into disarray. excellent marksmanship and brute force saw the demise of another clanking monstrosity, as twin plasma lance bolts flared out, punching fist-sized holes through the frontal armour of the battlesuit, reducing the pilot into little more than a black smear on the inside of the now useless machine’s hull. Return fire was limited as the cowardly ghar were unable to muster a satisfactory response, a single Scourer Cannon spitting fire uselessly at a Phase squad, their armour standing strong in the face of the weaponry they faced. The Command Squad finally repaired communications and joined the battle in earnest, ready to guide their forces to victory.
Turn 3: Intent on not allowing another Disruptor shell to be fired into their ranks, the Command Squad co-ordinated the redoubtable aim of the Phase Sniper and sheer firepower available to the closest Phase Squad in a combined firestorm that destroyed the remaining Outcasts and their horrid weapon platform, allowing them to turn their focus to the Battlesuits that were slowly advancing on their ranks. The furthermost battlesuit squad, having recovered their wits, scrambled forwards, as if to make up for lost time, and opened up with their Scourer Cannons, finally shredding 2 Phase Troopers, though missing the Plasma lance. As they advanced, they activated their plasma amplifiers, giving them a burst of speed and increasing the rate of fire from their scourer cannons significantly, which was not something expected by the Isorian Commander, though it amounted to very little, and the excess stress proved to be too much, with the amplifiers burning out immediately after use.
Turn 4: Right off the bat, the Flitters, which had been ignored in favour of more dangerous targets, managed to slip through the Isorian forces, to the anger of Yen Xalos. Despite this breach of the perimeter, the Isorian forces were determined to eliminate the remaining threats, and struck back, felling 2 Battlesuits, though taking intense return fire from the remaining ones.

With that, the battle was over, and the remaining Ghar fled, though the failure to prevent their Flitters from breaching the defensive line stung, it was a largely successful mission, with 4 Battlesuits reduced to slag, as well as a disruptor cannon and its squad destroyed to the last man, Yen Xalos was confident he would succeed next time he ran across the savages.

Ghar Empire

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