Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Crash Landing

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Ghar Empire
VS Concord

Crash Landing – Concord trying to land on a heavily defended Ghar Outpost

This was my first mission in the Battle for Xilos – Campaign and I have to admit it turned out a lot quicker than I thought while reading the “Xilos Landing” – scenario description.
Finally, the Prequel game was the key to the glorious victory of the Ghar Empire.
The Drop – Prequel Game:
Zaesh started off very good and brought all of tokens on the board, but lost faith in the subsequent turns. I was able to guess the correct movement of 5 of his 11 drop tokens including 1 descent defence drone and 1support drone lander. Finally, only a Strike Squad and a shard of Targeter Probes made it on the Battlefield in the first turn. One table edge was secured by the surviving support drone lander and a unit of weapon drones and an interceptor squad were waiting outside.
Turn I:
I started with the Command Crawler and the Battle Suits on the table, supported by some Tectorist Scouts. The Battle Suits advanced and opened fire on the Strike Squad, one of only two units Zaesh had left after the prequel to capture/destroy the Quantum Gravity Generator. Because of a drop capsule landing on his toes, the Command Crawler had to move and start the game being down. Since he is MOD2 and thanks to the “Block!” army option he could also advance towards the Strike Squad, which was going down because of the distortion dice originally meant for the Command Crawler.
Turn II:
Some weapon drones approached on the corner of the table opening fire on the Command Crawler who saved all hits. His “disruptuos” return fire was deadly or at least “pinningly”, leaving the weapon drones with a malfunction and 6(!) pins. The Battle Suits kept on advancing towards the Strike Squad, which “decided” to stay down this turn. The Interceptors didn’t want to participate in the game this turn. 😉 On the side of the weapon drones, my Assault Squad arrived on the table and proofed the incapability of the Gouger Guns.
Turn III:
Long story short: The Battle Squad finished off the Strike Squad and the point blank grenade rain of the approaching Assault Squad wiped out the weapon drones breaking the Concorde force.
Finally, the scenario was fun because Zaesh and I are always having fun in Antares games, but the disastrous prequel game was cheating the balancing from the start. Anyway, a glorious win for the (far superior) Ghar force!

Ghar Empire

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