Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Battle For Xilos is an episodic campaign with each a new episode opening each week of the campaign.
For the very latest details on how a Episode is progressing you browse to each one via the Episodes drop down menu found on the navigation bar.
If you have registered and logged in you can download a mission briefing document detailing the book scenario, suggestions for the battle and its strategic objective.

Inside each Episode, you will find the latest episode statistics and data for:

  • Number of reports and the latest reporter
  • Which faction is in control
  • The number of points each faction has scored
  • The number of battles fought on a per day basis
  • Latest battle reports to come from the front lines

As with the Faction pages you can sort the order in which you can view the list of battle reports in the Episode if required:

  • Newest to Oldest published
  • Oldest to Newest published
  • Average Star Rating – Highest to Lowest
  • Average Star Rating – Lowest to Highest
  • Commendations battle has received – Highest to Lowest
  • Commendations battle has received – Lowest to Highest

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