Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The world of Xilos – battleground between the Ghar and allied forces – is gone; consumed in the vortex of destruction unleashed at its heart. The riddle of the Xilos Gate has finally been solved in a way that not even the infallible IMTel could have anticipated. The second gateway postulated by the Concord exploration teams lay within the depths of the planet itself. Now that gateway has consumed Xilos… or transported it to some portion of the Antarean Nexus… carrying its secrets with it.

Free Boro

What of the survivors, those who have evacuated the world and fled its destruction? It is too early to tell how many remain of those who first embarked upon the Battle for Xilos. Too many deeds of heroism and of sacrifice will go forever unacknowledged. Too many lost in a war that, in the end, none could win. But there has been triumph of a sort. Circumstances have challenged officers and men, commanders have risen to those challenges, and Xilos has forged its heroes as well as its dead. Initial reports suggest that of all their foes, the Concord has much to fear from the Ghar Empire. For the Ghar commanders there may be lessons to learn too… but nothing to fear. For the Ghar fear neither battle nor death. And now they have proven their mettle against the most advanced and powerful forces in all of the Antarean Nexus.

All of us involved in creating the campaign both at Warlord Games and Beasts of War would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who took part – playing battles, commenting on the forums, writing brilliant battle reports and creating some amazing photographic images!

Rest assured – your deeds will be remembered!


  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Maye Gelt is correct! The Rebel Ghar were essential for the last two episodes especially. The whole campaign needed more Rebel Ghar. They were under-represented. The outcome would have been very different with more of that faction involved.

  • Maye Gelt says:

    It was a very good campaign. It only seem to have 2 things that made it not great for me. The first is that the release of the Rebel Ghar stuff came out about 1-2 weeks into the campaign. This could have been timed a lot better. The second one was more personal, and that was an opponent cancelling a game at the last moment and then me becoming sick for the last 2 weeks. But I can’t blame you for that.
    As said overall it was good. But I think some of the missions weren’t great (namely the mining one needed a bit more guidance on how to make it fun, as it just turned in to a boring slog as we only opened up 1 tunnel each and had no other plan to make alternate entry points.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    “The Battle for Xilos campaign was an ingenious marketing campaign made by the Builders (Rick Priestly for years of creating the game itself, Warlord Games for bringing the characters of opposing forces to life in plastic, metal, and resin, for the Beasts of War to have those forces face each other in combat through gamers everywhere via IMTel (internet), and others who worked on this campaign). The battle reports, photos, videos, comments, and finding the many ways to achieve points made this six week campaign the most interesting way to use up a whole summer in a fun way. Again, Thank you”. As said in the Algoryn Briefing Room 3 days ago.

  • Hey Yella says:

    Thanks for putting on a great campaign, it was a lot of fun.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    It is unfortunate that too many logged in to play, but did not participate fully. They missed a great campaign…and history made. I’m glad I stayed in. I’m sorry they didn’t.

  • VardosCadix says:

    Thank you Warlord. I had a great time. The scenarios were great as was the sense of purpose and impetus provided by the campaign.
    Thank you also to all the players.The reports, stories and all the fantastic images have really added an extra dimension too.

  • Megapunch says:

    This has been a fun and well thought out campaign. I have enjoyed this campaign and the overall game of beyond the gates of Antares. Warlord games has done a great job at all levels of this game so far. I am officially hooked and will be collecting all the Antares miniatures line. Thanks to all.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Boromite generals, congratulations on your being tagged for reconditioning! Well deserved and earned.

  • Flux Flos says:

    And for the first Time ever won a price with a war game thankfully it is BoA

  • Karyle says:

    This has been the coolest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in, out of any miniatures game I’ve played in the last 15 years. The benchmark has been raised! Thank you, Warlord.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    The most amazing campaign! We await more such campaigns with zeal.

  • Flux Flos says:

    It was indeed a very great campaign thanks!