Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Forest Failure...

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Malach Bur
VS Concord

Once I Malach Bur and my family had retrieved the strange container from the Ghar, we set to try and discover what it may be. Its secrets however remained locked away as we as yet were unable to decypher its strange locking mechanism.
We communicated our success to our Mother, who detailed the greater mission of our distant cousins under the leadership of the Guildess Arran Gestalin.
So far we had no contact of these fellow Boromites, but we had been told to offer support if we did.
We decided to scout further which meant heading through forest which was both disorienting and time consuming, draining our will and energy.
Eventually we heard sounds ahead, the spotters reporting that members of the technophiliac Pan Human Concord were undergoing construction activities.
We relayed our discovery to Our Mother who wisely informed us that we needed to prevent any activities from other races in the area and that we should mount an assault post haste.
I sent Charack with his work gang to encircle the clearing in which the men of the concord were working.
Tookat would advance on my right flank while Brendar and the X-Launcher position in the centre.
Gajock and the rock riders would attempt to attack by circling the opposite direction to Charack.
Once the Concordia’s detected our presence, they opened with heavy fire, streaming in large volume through the trees. Although it afforded some protection we were pinned in position.We returned fire but our shots seemed to be warped by some invisible barrier.
I looked right and could see Tookat taking fire and shooting back. The leader of the suited men seemed able to take much of this to my dismay.
I saw a vorpal charge glowing in the woods far to our front telling me Charack had got in position and Gajock appeared on the other side.
Our shots appeared to be having no effect, and the cowardly Concordia’s remained behind their barriers.
We would have to make an all out attack and quickly!
Alas our efgorst were in vain, although brave Gajock was able to kill a few enemies before withdrawing, progress through the woods was slow disabling us entirely from the prompt and swift attack that would of won the day.
We managed to inflict many casualties while taking few but we could not prevent the completion of the construction and were forced to withdraw.
Today the forest was not our ally…


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