Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Xilos Landing - Scenario 1: Shaltok Defends well

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Ghar Empire
VS Concord

Ghar defending vs Concord incoming in a fight to defend a Quantum Gravity Generator. The Concord lost troops in the descent, including their interceptors, and managed to only get their drones around teh Quantum Gravity Generator Station (on the table), though a lander was a mere yan away. The rest of the C3 units were scattered to the four winds (off table), their commander even landing in a completely different zone to the rest of his units.
The Ghar reacted quickly, following the C3 infantry through the jungle and tearing into them with scourers. The C3 drones were pinned with disruptor fire and managed few pins or hits all game before many were destroyed. Whilst the last infantry squad main a brave dash for the QG station along an ancient Builder’s road, it was quickly destroyed after causing minimal damage to the station.
The remaining C oncord drones retreated, leaving the generator largely intact (only 5 DP). A 4-0 win to the Ghar…

Ghar Empire

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