Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Matched Scenario 5- Return to base camp

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

Blitztac had been trying to evade Boromite forces that had pursued what was left of his unit from the disastrous battle at the builder ruins. He and his forces were almost at their base camp when contact was made again with pursuing Boromite forces. Blitztac quickly ordered his units to splinter off and approach the base camp from different directions. It was hoped that the Boromite units would also break off and try to hunt down the individual Ghar units, thus splitting there force as well. As Blitztac reached the camp he was greeted by a unit of Scutters that had come to reinforce the base camp. As the Boromite Forces began to emerge from the surrounding terrain, Blitztac and his unit were a top a hill within the compound along with the unit of Scutters. The Boromite forces separated, began to advance on the hill. As x-launcher fire gave them some cover most Boromite units were mowed down by Ghar fire. Work Gangs tried to close ranks with the Ghar but exhausted from the pursuit they just were unable to put together a cohesive attack that would defeat the Ghar. Blitztac enjoyed firing at Boromites in the open field, exacting his revenge on the Boromite forces.

Ghar Empire

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