Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Not as Lop Sided As It Looks

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
VS Algoryn
Brian Multhauf

The Algoryn took disastrous losses on descent to the planets surface. Seven out of twelve units were lost, and one landed off the board. Touchdown, on the other hand was devastating to the Boromite defenders. Three of the four units on the board were forced from their positions and forced down by the incoming pods.

It looked like the game was over after turn one. The Algoryn got all 13 troopers in contact with the generator, dealing 13 points of damage. The only Boromite unit able to respond to the initial assault was the micromite probe shard.

Turn two saw the Boromites respond with a vengeance. The gang fighters and work gangs softened up the Algoryn troops, allowing the rock brood to rush in and totally eliminate one of the AI squads in an assault. Annan Gestalin charged in from the flank, and damaged the Algoryn command squad. The weekened Algoryn units were able to score an additional six points of damage to the generation. They just needed one unit to survive the next turn, to finish the job.

Alas, it was not to be. The work gang and lavamites were able to eliminate the remaining attackers, leaving the generator tower intact.


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