Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Concord gain valuable experience in a Ghar VR training mission

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire
Ghar AI

Concord new recruits form up! File in to the training area and downstream the training exercise from IMTEL. Your security clearance code today is “6h4r”.

Across the range you see a series of medium, light, and buddy drones. Your tactical visor will implement virtual reality capabilities to introduce you to a dire foe: The Ghar. You’ve all had a great time practicing on the range, and in small fireteams facing off in exercises. Ladies and gentlemen, the Ghar battlesuits are not old men with mag repeaters. They arent honorably waving a banner into battle. They are coming down on you with relentless hails of fire, disrupting your senses into madness, and weathering carbine shots like they were old school ballistics.

IMTEL flashed recon photos into everyone’s visor. Some recoiled, some gritted their teeth. These images faded and the focus came to the drones. Holographic images solidified around them and the replicated fog of war set in. The training commander yelled like it was an every day order, “alright kiddies, hope you did your homework! Show em what ya got!”

First Commander Kern broadcasted a vocal channel to all, “Listen up! I need a fire support team in the rear! Two strike squads, form up on both flanks. I need a few more with me into cover. Some one give me their spotter drones visual.”

The feed kicked in to Kern. Then the voice of Shayna. “Sir, i can identify a close-range assault squad with disruption weapondry. There is another larger squad with modular-fire Scour Cannons. Then there are… some others without suits.” Another cadet chimed in, “Tector Rods, commander. They will aid the suits firepower if they get too close.”

The rear quartermaster received a thought-message output to text. Authorize X-Launcher deployment and outfit Plasma Lances.

The training commander looked on at the data. “By the book eh?” he mumbled, tea in hand.

Outcast Ghar began shambling up, and mechanical battle suit arms exercised their movements, eventually landing their aim forward on each squad. They probed with sensors.

“Prepare for advance! Strike teams live! Batter shields down!” Kern bellowed. Lets see how this batch of recruits fares!

+++Post Battle Synopsis+++

Ghar armor proved slow and telegraphed. Hyperlight armor excelled at long range, although the affects from distortion fields were experinced by some. These stories went through the barracks like wildfire, though that will subside. Weight of fire prevailed against the suits, hitting plasma reactor cores with well-placed shots. The ammunition needed for such engagements should be noted. Range seemed an issue for the Ghar weaponry, although when faced with its full force, it is raw and terrible. Strike squad 2 suffered heavily, many complained about the VR pain sensors’ intensity. X-Launcher put to good use, although could use a spotter drone in tandem as well as experimental ammunition. C3 forces need to understand an be ready to counter a close combat assault, and train versus the suits movements. Command rates this exercise group a 78% pass.

+++End of Report+++

Thank you for checking out my battle! I am working with an all Concord force, though i wanted to give a friend a game today. I worked through creative ideas on how the Concord could use their technology to aid their combat training. I was able to field Ghar models in a virtual reality simulator! I really liked the idea of green cadets seeing Ghar battle suits for the first time and feeling overwhelmed. I apologize for the low quality on the rest of the gig; unpainted models, VR proxy, sparse terrain etc., but I hope my narrative makes up for it. I’m looking forward to more games in the campaign with more hobby progress 🙂


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