Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Slow Build

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord

The Concord transmat station assembly had begun. Positioned around the station, behind kinetic barriers, were four strike squads with spotters; two light support drones with batter drone; two X-Launcher crews with spotter drones; a NuHu with nano drone, two gun drones, shield drone; and six targeter probes.
Reports indicated that Ghar were fast approaching. Two squads of battle suits lurked just out of sight behind hills. They stormed up on top of the hills and opened fire on the Concord but the kinetic barriers deflected all incoming fire. Putting themselves in an exposed position was typically ‘Ghar’ but foolish. They started taking fire from strike squads with plasma lances and X-Launchers that patched through spotter drones.
A Ghar assault squad and squad of 12 outcasts stormed in from a different direction but the combination of kinetic barriers and Concord sharpshooting kept them at bay.
The Concord continued construction

Time ran out before a definite conclusion to this mission so it was decided to be recorded as a draw.
Looking through the possibilities it could have gone either way – the Concord could have accelerated construction on the transmat station and completed it before the Ghar got close enough to do real harm – on the other hand, the Ghar could have advanced with more urgency, benefited from reinforcements, and overrun the Concord. All speculation.

The IMTel, of course, statistically predicted the outcome in favour of the Concord…


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