Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

A Push too Ghar

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Ghar Outcast Rebels
Maye Gelt
VS Concord

Pre-Battle Story
Maye Gelt had found that he had had enough of taking orders for Karg and his minions. For the last time he had been thrown in to combat without the correct resources or support to fight. The final straw had come when he and his demoralised troops were tasked with trying to take some abandoned industrial complex that had Boromites guarding it from intruders. Maye’s plan was great, he would lure them towards his force and just use the sheer weight of fire from his scutters and command crawlers to take them out before they got to him. But after arriving he had been contacted to retreat due to a war on another front. This was a humiliating loss for Maye again, for no fault of his own. But his superiors would not see it that way, they would blame him for the loss at the industrial complex or blame him for the loss at the other front if he had secured the original objective, but turned up late to the other. So instead of turning up to reinforce his comrades he decided that he would investigate the rumours of Fartok’s Rebels and try to join them with his remaining Ghar troops.

Weeks had gone by and he had managed to become part of the rebellion. His first battle for the rebellion would be against the Concord. The Concord battle line had three units of C3 strike squads, some targeter drones and a heavy weapon team. Maye was armed with two disruptor cannon teams, two units of Black Guard, each eith a micro-x launcher and a plasma lance. Maye himself was accompanied by 2 loyal Ghar battle brothers in their battle suits.

Turn 1
The opening salvos from the plasma carbines were fired at Maye and his battle armoured bodyguards. A lucky shot took caused one of his closest friend’s suits to fizz and power down. He would be of no use in the remainder of the battle, but at least he was not dead. Once again the Concord had the upper hand as the drones flew off in various directions, taking cover behind dilapidated buildings. Finally some luck came, a distortion caused the final squad of C3 to have to take cover as a distortion caused their weapons and communicators to go haywire. The tide of battle was about to turn. The Concord had taken defensive positions behind low walls, but the power of the Scourer and Disruptor cannons meant the Ghar didn’t have to worry about walls. Six of the Concord fell to the barrage of fire, and two drones fell to the lance and mag gun shots.

Turn 2
Maye ordered the Plasma Amplifiers on his and his remaining bodyguard’s suit to activate, in the hope that he would be able to cause another barrage of fire to break the enemy’s line. Luck was on his side and two more salvos were unleashed in to the closest unit of Concord now only four members strong. Two more died and the unit lost its nerve and signalled the retreat to the rest of Concord.
The two remaining squads and the heavy weapon team ignored the call to fall back and rapid fired the carbines in to the units of Black Guard now trying to flank them. A couple of them fell to the hail of fire, but they had all seen enough to war to know that a few casualties were to be expected. That and they could sense they were on the winning side.
Both disruptor cannons fired once again, but this time the shots went high and wide. The X-Launcher firing its nets to try to pin the two remaining Ghar Battle Suits, causing the Plasma Amplifiers to fizzle and spark.

Turn 3
Seeing the end for the Concord coming soon, Maye gave the order to keep the enemy suppressed and kill anyone who tried to run, they would take no prisoners. It did not take long for the Concord to panic and try to flee, only to be cut down. But not before taking out one of the Ghar Disruptor Cannons.


In case you were wondering about the backstory thing. It is because of as I was previously borrowing Undave’s Ghar for my first few games to see if I liked it and bought my own stuff. So decided to incorporate that game into my report.

Ghar Outcast Rebels
Maye Gelt

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