Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Concord and Algoryn Troops Fight to Defend the Transmat

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Freeborn
Ghar and Freeborn Mercenaries

After a very tough drop landing, Algoryn troops cleared the way for Concord engineers to work on the transmat near Point 157. The Algoryn force consisted entirely of ground troops – assault squads, AI infantry, a command team, and an X-Launcher. The Concord force was similar – strike squads and an X-Launcher.

The enemies that took the field to re-take the transmat were Ghar and Freeborn mercenaries. The Ghar were few in number but soaked up enemy firepower like a sponge. The pushed a battle squad and assault squad into the fight early, while an outcast squad with disruptor cannon never showed up.

The Freeborn mercenaries were there for the tech that the Ghar would share with them. They fielded domari infantry and a jetbike squad.

Early on the Ghar arrived on the field and pinned down the assault squad quite heavily. The Freeborn followed up and the assault squad was almost eliminated, although they didn’t flee the field.

The Concord troops survived for a while unscathed until the Freeborn infantry started arriving near them. The Kinetic Barriers the engineers had thrown up were helping the troops defend without being shot, but each and every trooper lost, even in small amounts, made it harder for the combined force to defend the transmat.

The jetbikes eventually assaulted into the transmat area and were shot down by plasma pistols from a weapons team. The other Freeborn troops ran in as well, but were unable to keep a hold on the area.

The Ghar troops were pinned down from the start of the game and unable to do much at all. They had entered the field very close to the defense point and so were well in range of most of the enemy shooting. The Ghar commander will definitely be taking the Plasma Amplifiers in his battle suits when he takes the field next time to rally his troops and get them moving.

In the end it was an Algoryn / Concord victory as the engineers worked hard and fast – but it was a close fought battle!


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