Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Admiral Ackbar was right, It's A Trap!

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Ghar Outcast Rebels
Maye Gelt
VS Isorian
Graham the woefully unlucky

Having finished early on the first game we decided to try to fit another in.
Pressing the advantage of the Isorion’s who had fallen back from their lost Orbital Transmat Station. On entering the new battle field it seems like the previous engagement might not have been all it seemed. Maye had ordered a Sonic attack to be originated from the Orbital Transmat site, and the attack had not come. The win was too easy, the Isorians who fled had been too easy to track. This wasn’t a hunt… this was a trap! Mayes need to impress Rebel command had blinded him to this, but it was too late now. He either pressed on, or would surely be cut down by enemies who will have cut off his retreat.

A mass line of Isorians reinforce their position that was far across a no man’s land. There would be no jumping from cover and cover to get over this ground. They would have to absorb all the firepower of the Isorian force.
Once again Maye had the Tectorists lead from the front followed by 2 units of Blackguard and his own Command squad. Another unit of Blackguard had taken a defensive position behind the building to the West. The Disruptor Cannons followed in with the Scutters in the central channel. One Disruptor Cannon was guarding the rear so had been delayed.
Several shots were fired from either side, but most were out of range or failed to cause damage.

Turn 2
A distortion caused one of the Blackguard hiding near some barrels to fall prone.
The Tectors run as fast as they can across the middle of the battle field showing no fear of enemy fire, and make sure almost everyone is in range of their Tector Rods.
The Phase Sniper charges a shot and hits a weapon team and kills both of the spare crew. Knowing there is nowhere to run though he holds strong and gets ready to aim.
A Net shoots over the field and lands on Maye’s Command and jams the machines up (taking them to 6 pins).
Another Isorian squad shoots some Black Guard and 3 of them die. But once again they fear the consequences more of running than staying and fighting.
Maye rallies his troops and they become a lot more comfortable (down to 2 pins now).
With that the Scutters fire multi salvos of disruptor ammo at the Tsan Ra who go down, causing minor damage but killing the drone.
A Disruptor team shoots at the X-Launcher which goes to ground, but this does not help as the target is perfectly accurate (a 1 followed by 1! And 4 hits). The Launcher melts but the crew live to tell the tale.
The other 2 Disrupters shoot the downed Tsan Ra and kill all but the leader (all armour saves being 8-9-10s).
The Tsan Ra fail to regroup and so does the Phase Squad at their side.

Turn 3
Heavy fire power levelled at the Tsan Ra and the unit next to it from Maye’s command, the Scutters, 2 Disruptor Cannons. Finally with all those shots spent the last of the Tsan Ra fall.
The Blackguard on the West side fire at the unit in the tower and caused it to panic, but they still remain in place.
The other 2 Black Guard dash up the field sensing the advantage, as does Maye’s command.
The last Disruptor sends out a shot that causes the Sniper to have to go down and preventing any return fire.

Game ended as a draw as we ran out of time. I personally think I might have been able to take it, but with only 3 turns to try to run up the field and polish of the remaining troops guarding the objectives it would be a hard fight to get 2 of the positions without losing to many units.


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