Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Scout engagement Northwestern perimeter

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord

Tan-Zar’s patrol loop brought his force to the north western perimeter. The Concord forces had been active in this zone and attacked the Algoryn troops earlier in the day.
As always Gzar’s unit was on point, leading the patrol into the contested territory. The whine of the Concord bikes gave them away before Gzar could see them. He singled back to Tan-Zar and dropped his unit into an ambush stance, and awaited his commanders orders.
Tan-Zar position his units to intercept the Concord bikes. When the bikes came into view Tan-Zar gave the order to open fire.
First Gzar’s unit opened fire, catching the bikes by surprise and killing two of the 3 riders. The third rider though better of his situation and fled the field of battle.
The Concord bikes were supported by two units of fast moving drop troopers, the hum of their anti grav chutes announcing their presence. Targeting the fast moving shadows was a difficult task but Tan-Zar’s units managed to pin down the one unit of drop troopers .Gzar’s unit charged into the pinned down drop troops leaving none alive. Within moments the fire fight was over and the Concord survivors were falling back.


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