Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Algoryn Drop Assault

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Algoryn
Jerry and Brent

Ghar anti-aircraft fire burned through the skies as the Algoryn drop pods plummeted towards their target. Two of the pods exploded as the enemy firepower tore through while many others scattered across the dense jungle.

The first Algoryn pod smashed down next to a Ghar Assault squad, stunning the battle suits and forcing them to back off from the attackers. Its companion drop pod drifted off target and crashed down behind some builder ruins. As the ground troops emerged from the pods, Ghar scourer cannons answered the challenge. Disruptor fire poured into the Algoryns, forcing them to the ground or into the cover of forests.

Reinforcements from both sides raced towards the battle. Algoryns struck at the defenders from three sides, but the Ghar Battlesuits withstood their firepower. The Algoryn General joined the battle to rally the faltering attack. His retinue, feeling safe in cover, engaged in a Firefight with the Ghar Assault squad. One Battlesuit exploded, its plasma reactor overloading and threatening the stability of the rest of the squad. The punishing Ghar fire tore down the General’s retinue and at the end of that fight, he stood alone.(The Algoryn player had three figures left in the retinue, took three hits, and each rolled a 10 on their resistance save.)

As time passed, the Algoryns failed to advance on the generator. A Ghar Assault squad held back the northern front. To the south, a battle squad engaged a X-launcher team. From the east and west, Ghar reinforcements stalled out those fronts for the Algoryn. Seeing the objective impossible to achieve, the General ordered his troops back and into the jungles of Xilos.


Despite heavy close range fighting, not many units were actually eliminated. Each side only lost one order die throughout the six turn game. However, many units were pinned, with several being pinned for several turns in a row. The Ghar Assault squad was ‘down’ for three of the turns.

In the end, the Ghar managed to hold the generator and scored one point. With neither side actually broken, the final score was Ghar Empire 1 to Algoryns 0.

Ghar Empire

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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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