Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Rescue and raid

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VS Boromite

The train rumbled along in the distance. It wouldn’t be long now. Sgt Feyen of the 319th infiltration regiment finished places the last of the charges along the bridge and signaled her squad to pull back. The work had been slow since they’d had to be careful to dodge the boromite patrols in the area. They’d just settled down behind an old rock wall when the train crested the rise and began chugging a long the strait away. Just ahead of the train ran a pack of huge rock monsters ridden by large gruff looking Boromites.
The infiltrators opened fire on the rock riders bringing one of the beasts down and causing the others to roll to the ground flinging their hapless riders to the side.
The attack had begun, first blood scored by the infiltrators. The high pitched zip of mag rounds began piercing the air from behind them now as the rest of the Algoryn force joined the fight. They charged from their concealed positions within the jungles and charged for the train. The Boromites reacted in slow motion. They leaned out the windows trying to see what was going on and slowly began bringing up their rifles to stop the charge the of the Algoryn forces. The train’s mag gun blew off in a shower of sparks as Commander Kurar vaulted onto the train. The first Boromite in his way didn’t stand a chance.
The Boromites fought hard but they couldn’t hold. Kurar flung the last of them from the back of the moving train as the infiltrators also clambered aboard. “Hold on to something!” Sgt Feyen yelled as she pulled herself aboard. They were about to pass under the bridge.

Ter Ri led his squad up the walkway exchanging fire with the Pack Master on the far end of the platform. They had just drawn into assault range when the lava mites that had been milling around the overseer charged towards his squad. Ter Ri smiled as he watched the train pulling closer to the platform. Explosions went off. The solar charged planted to the bridge rocked the platform as the bridge and the lavamites on it went up in a flare of light and noise. There was a loud shriek from below as the bridge smashed into the front of the train, bringing it to a sudden halt. Ter Ri continued up the platform towards his objective.

Kurar couldn’t understand the controls before him. He pressed buttons trying to make out the strange Boromite symbols. The blood pouring into his eyes from the gash on his head didn’t help. He’d knocked it hard into the bulkhead when the train had stopped. Then, finally a green light came on and the chamber began to activate. In the next compartment he heard the chamber activate as the infiltration squad had also figured out their console. A dark shape loomed up from the darkness. Kurar was now fairly sure he’d hit the wrong button.

The infiltrators dragged Kurar through the jungle away from the fighting. The Algoryn raid had managed to rescue some of their prisoners and steal a decent supply of Boromite weapons, but the sudden appearance of the gulper had forced the retreat of the army before they could finish off the Boromite forces. The commander bled from a dozen wounds and Feyen wondered if the already battle scarred Algoryn could take much more before he’d need a freshly cloned body. In the distance a lone assault trooper held the platform allowing the rest of the army to retreat. The roars of the gulper still sounded far too close for Feyen’s comfort. The raid had been a partial success at least, but the true battle was yet to come.


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