Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Dragon's Teeth

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Concord

Teliack’s Boromite brothers had secured a detention area known as the Dragon’s Teeth. The area was named for its large rock outcroppings that looked like a rather large maul from the air. Within this maze of rock spires the Ghar had set up a detention center for prisoners they had captured thus far in the war for Xilos. Teliack oversaw the last preparations of the facilities defenses as news of concord forces were in the area. With all areas secure the word came through. Spotter drones began sending information and video of Concord forces approaching. Instantly X launchers began to fire along with light support weapons platforms.
Teliack tried to get the weapons teams to focus on static troops making their way up the trails that lead to this cliff of desolation. Meanwhile work gangs and fighters used targeter drones to hunt down Concord bike units and then charge them down. Work gang units would set vorpal charges in the pathway of the bikes while Gang fighters provided covering fire. After the vorpal charges were set then the remaining soldiers would rush the bikes in hopes of getting into hand to hand combat thus shredding the riders and there modes of transport.
Almost instantly bikers attacked quickly and with devastating effect on the compounds left flank. All but one brave sole from a work ganger unit survived the onslaught. But the gang fighters fired mercilessly at the riders while a vorpal charge was set off by the sole survivor of work gang beta. Even though the vorpal charge missed the bikers, it slowed them up just enough to leave them sitting for a moment out in the open. Teliack instructed two x launcher teams to concentrate fire on grid 42a. The gamble worked as the bikes took on heavy casualties and all were finally destroyed by another round of fire from the gang fighters. More was to come as units of Concord strike troops now began flooding the area trying to get to the slave pits in hopes of rescuing there brethren. But it was not to be as other units of gang fighters ran across the compound firing at concord forces and engaging them in melee combat while Boromite weapons teams struck the rest of the concord forces with pristine accuracy. Teliack smiled as Concord forces were in full retreat with minimal casualties. It had been his most successful battle thus far and quickly began going about the business of rearming his troops and sifting through data to ensure his forces were ready in case the Concord or anyone else would try a second assault on the slave pits of the Dragon’s Teeth.


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