Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Area secure: maybe we will get a promotion!

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Boromite

“Is that you 286, i told you radio silence.. only 10 minutes ago.
“Commander.. i’m bored again.”
“286, i swear…”
“Those boromites were fun to kill, can we find some more?”
“If you don’t shut up we are gonna end up on latrine duty.”
“I thought that was 129’s job?”
“286 go check the flitters and shut up!”

“Commander suit 256 squad F.. respond.”
“This is 256 go.”
“Overhead recon has spotted a transmat pad 3.5 clicks from your location. Enemy forces are attempting to power it up to bring
in reinforcements. Take your forces and clear the area.”
“Base, do we have an estimate on enemy numbers?”
“Negative 256, Proceed with caution but do not fail.”

Turn 1. Commander 256 orders his flitters to scout the area and finds more boromites entrenched around the transmat pad with a
shield barrier erected. He orders a unit to flank the enemy and bombard their location from the brush.
His unit of scutters he sends in to screen the assault suits. Boromites spot the danger and order 2 squads out to
intercept the first suits before they can get into position.

Turn 2. Advancing Ghar scutters and assault troops wither heavy boromite fire to get inside the boromite defense shield. The
use void grenades to eliminate the flanking ghar suits before they can further shell the transmat positions but are now far outside
the safety of the shield generator.

Turn3. Ghar assault troops charge in and use their plasma claws to make short work of defending Boromite troops at the transmat.
Scutters try to keep the reinforcements heads down despite shooting through the shields. The two boromite squads run back to try to
to the transmat to rescue their brethren from Assault troops.

Turn 4. Ghar assault troops sustain heavy fire and go to ground but suffer no losses their armored suits protecting them.

Turn 5. Ghar assault troops pass a leadership test and charge another unit of boromites cutting them down. Scutters, now in position draw a bead
and get in some lucky shots on boromites trying to fire on the assault ghar. They break and run under the fire of scour cannons.

Turn 6. Ghar assault troops mop up any remaining boromite forces. Re-taking the transmat.

Ghar Empire

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