Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Scouts clash in the glen

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

A small force was despatched by Mandarin De’lam Itri to ensure the perimeter of the landing force was secure. Two Strike teams, an x-launcher, 3 light drones and a Targeter shard began an uneventful patrol. Signs of a previous civilisation were present in the form of crude walls made from native stone, they didn’t even use nanocement to hold the stones together. A truly primitive technique.

Suddenly there was a contract trace, unclear and needing investigation. As the distance closed the readings didn’t get any clearer. At long visual the reason for the lack of clarity was apparent, Ghar and their leaky plasma suits. A recalibration of the sensors would clear that up in future.

A clear perimeter needs to have no enemy units, they would need to be taken care of. The only way to do that was to engage. The C3 used a hill to provide initial cover for the strike teams while the light combat drones and x-launcher tied down the Attack suits.

The Ghar were being unusually cautious and attempted to engage in a long range firefight. There could be only one outcome. With net ammo causing the Battle suits to become stationary the strike teams attached the scutters, managing to destroy them with two rounds of fire. The Assault Suits were then taken down by concentrated firepower.

The perimeter had one less threat but had the Ghar force been able to contact their friends? Do Ghar have friends? Why were they so cautious? Do probes dream of electric drones?


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