Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Fields of Fire

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire
Ryan Kriete

Commander Thorn of the Spartan Legion Reporting:

While scouting ruins on sector 3d4t in the northern xilothian quadrant we came across a very hostile Ghar Scouting force.

Turn 1: We allowed the Ghar Battle suits to charge in closer to our position allowing for our Strike Squads to gain a more effective LOS. Two of our strike teams blast scatter shots into the monstrous battlesuits to no avail save for a single pin. But thankfully our support team launched a net ammo strike to pin the Ghar down and haunted the immediate advance.

Turn 2: The 2nd unit of Furious BattleSuits moved in attempting to out flank our team while the first Squad of BattleSuits attempted a rally order to continue their advance. They failed resulting in a devastating down order which allowed our strike team to force all our efforts to pin down the hostile second team with greater success this turn!

Turn 3: With a failed command check to retrieve a crucial order dice. The Ghar Forces were decisively out gunned and consequently pinned put of the battle but not before charging in into break through and wipe out the most forward strike team. It was a most worthy battle and one that bears repeating.

Transmission Ended.
Commander Thorn out..


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