Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Shootin' Fish in a Barrel

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord

Sadly, I realized I forgot to take any pics until the battle was over. 🙁

I printed out the nice little page to do the ‘space invaders’ portion of the game. I had cut some paper out to number for the pods, and it hit me that I had a nice set of numbered tokens in the game room. I pulled the bid tokens (pictured) from my copy of RA. They were a little big, but worked pretty well.

I played the Ghar, who are pretty good at shooting down drop pods it seems. My opponent, Concord, had 7 units plus his bonus pods. I ended up shooting down 2 units and 2 other pods.

He managed to land the weapon platform pod and 2 units on the table, with the rest moving on.

I had a measly command crawler and battle squad to start, with a battle squad and assault squad in reserves. I deployed the battle squad on the generater and the crawler next to it. We used the 4ground (pictured) Tower Control Module as the generator. It gave the Ghar a great field of view to see, no wait, to be seen by all the Concord.

They quickly took advantage of that and threw every pin they could onto them, eradicating them on turn 1. The crawler did it’s best to wipe out and infantry unit, but couldn’t finish them off until turn 2.

My battle squad came on the oposite side, since the support drop pod had landed on my side of the table. His big drone swept around the jungle to take them on, leaving it wide open for my assault squad to charge into it, taking it out in h2h.

Something didn’t feel right on how we resolved that, so we need to go back and look through vehicles and assault and see if we did it right, but that pretty much spelled the end of the concord as they hit their break point, thanks to my ‘space invader’ skills.

I have to see it was a really neat scenario. I’m looking forward to the rest of them, especially 4, in the tunnels. The Concord player has the ‘bug hunt’ tunnels from a kickstarter a few years ago, and now we have an excuse to bring them out.

Ghar Empire

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