Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares


Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Concord

So the second game of the day! He changed his list around after the first game to I cause drop troops but mostly stayed the same, my list remained the same 2x battle squads with plasma amps and an outcast squad with cannon.

The game started with myself getting my units into position in the center Tom drew the disruption dice and one squad failed to enter, the rest ran toward the waiting ghar! Second turn started with Tom advancing the drop squad and trying to shoot at my right battle suit squad to no effect, this however was a massive display by Tom and let me focus that unit!, After all was said and done two men where left and 5pins! The rest of the turn was not of much interest, the next two turns saw the game advance and slowly kill his squads who had taken cover in an area of trees for extra cover, still finally his shots hit home and in a singly golly 2suites exploded and the other won was lucky to stay on the board! Although it was bow down with 3pins.

On the last turn of the game I was up 2points and Tom 0, ins last with effort he finally activated the jump troops and they ran off the board to the the game. He then managed to hit with the x launcher, followed by a singly shot from a strike trooper and it all came down to a resit roll……. and I rolled a 10! Thieving was finally wiped out 2-3 Tom and boy was it close!
Great game slot of fun, last turn was bad for me as both my remaining units failed there tests and went down and allowed him to do what he please.

Thanks for reading and sorry if this wasn’t very good! Its late hahaha ill be better next weekend!


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