Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Communications Failure

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VS Algoryn
Bit Cru Sharr

(This game was played 30/6, loosely based on Ep 2 mission but scaled down and in the interest of fairness didn’t use the reinforcements).

Algoryn defence of the Builder transportation technology was set up in estimation of an attack by one of the Xilos rival factions.
However the commander didn’t anticipate such sudden arrival of a Boromite strike team and failed to lay mines around the site.

Boromite infantry approached from the west, their arrival met with united blasts from Algoryn units who suffered few casualties in return (pic 3).
Overseer Theron arrived from the east wondering where the rest of the troops and support weapons were, little did he know they had been swiftly dispatched by Algoryn ambush from dug in troops. It would seem the order to provide back up had been ignored by the Guildess, judging the transporter an unworthy target.

With the situation turning dire the Overseer led a head on charge to prevent the transporter becoming operational, his advance was cut short by a surprise algoryn charge which resulted in his downfall (pic 1).

The Algoryn were free to complete the assembly without issue.

The Guildess will hear of this.

Bit Cru Sharr

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