Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Algoryn Return...

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VS Algoryn
Bit Cru Sharr

(This was a 2v1 played yesterday- “The Algoryn Return… with Isorian Reinforcements”)

After repeated attempts to take the transmat from Algoryn, RAAM’s pale workforce finally dislodged the invaders and quickly fortified the position to their requirements, an promptly reinforced the defences with mortar and frag borer teams amongst other units.

An Algoryn scout came in from the south taking fire from work gang and fighter teams while a probably allied Isorian force came in from north west, bringing heavy plasma fire to the mix and promptly thinning the defences.

It was quickly apparant that the weapon teams were facing the wrong way! However this was of no consequence as the transmat read 11/20 in two manoeuvres.

While the Algoryn infiltrators ruined the south defence with salvos of solar mines as yet more tentacly Isorians arrived pushing a hole through the Boromite cordon.

The firepower left to the Boromites was insufficient to punch back at the joint attack and the Algoryn infiltrators rendered our operation useless by ruining our efforts at gaining transmat for the. Guildess while the Isorians pushed foreward to provide more supporting fire, very efficiently I may add, resulting in an overwhelming defeat for Boromites.

However- the Algoryn didn’t look too pleased at the Isorian presence after the Boromites had run…

Bit Cru Sharr

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