Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Zero Time

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Bit Cru Sharr
VS Boromite

After being chased away from their only way home Bit Cru Shar’s forces stumbled upon and unlikely ally. His compromised forces struck a deal with and Isorian Commander named Joseph to drive the Boromites away from the Transmat station so both forces could use it to return home.

The Algoryn Commander was confident with his new found allies they had nearly double the firepower of the Boromites he’d fled from. However the Boromites had reinforced with some heavy weapons emplacements and more manpower.

Eager to make up for her earlier mistakes Infiltrator Leader Flor Al Shopp ran right into the sights of 2 Boromite Work Gangs hoping to get in range to use deadly Solar Charges. Her squad avoided the hail of fire, took out both Boromite gangs and took control of the transmat station, suffering only 1 casualty.

While the Algoryn forces were getting up close and personal with the Boromites the Isorian Commander Joseph distracted the other half of the force and inflicted significant casualties on Overseer RAAM’s forces

RAAM retreated, leaving the transmat station under the control of 2 unlikely allies…

To be continued?

Bit Cru Sharr

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